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Cameras Begin Rolling For ‘Fast 7’; Vin Diesel Talks Kurt Russell and ‘Fast 8’

Fast and Furious 7 just started filming and Vinny is already gushing about Fast and Furious 8.


Strap yourself in folks.

Yeah it is.

Fan favorite and franchise star Vin Diesel certainly knows how to keep himself busy. Not only does he have franchises like Fast and Furious and Riddick on his plate, but he has also recently joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Groot (in Guardians of the Galaxy) and has also has plans to join the MCU in another capacity entirely.

So, excuse his excitement when he feels the need to not only talk about his current film, Fast and Furious 7 and what could be coming next in Fast and Furious 8.

Just imagine Vin Diesel saying this to you.

Moving on, Diesel recently spoke with Extra about how Kurt Russell‘s role will affect Fast and Furious 7 and Fast and Furious 8. Here’s what he had to say:

Kurt Russell was the perfect person to introduce in 7 to play out the eighth storyline that everyone is going to go crazy on.

Granted, he didn’t say much, but he didn’t have to. That quote says it all.

Basically, we can expect Russell’s role to be a lot more expanded in Fast and Furious 8kind of like how Luke Hobbs (The Rock) got an expanded role following Fast 5

Other than that, many of us still have no idea who Russell will be playing. However, since he’s going to be sticking around for a bit, I’m inclined to think that he’s either a bad guy or some type of law enforcement…which would be exciting either way.

So, as of now, the casting additions include Jason Statham, Tony Jaa, Kurt Russell, and Nathalie Emmanuel. There are rumors that UFC star Ronda Rousey is poised to join the impressive cast, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Either way, this movie sounds like it is going to be f*cking awesome.

And that’s a fact.

In closing, it would seem that Fast and Furious 6 star Tyrese Gibson decided to commemorate the first day of filming by posting a cool Instagram video. You can view it here.

Sources: Screen Rant, Metro UK, Extra

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