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Eddie Murphy and His Return to Music

Now many of you know Eddie Murphy as a comedic genius, but he is also a lover of music. If by some chance you haven’t heard, he has released a new single by the name of “Red Light”, which features Snoop Lion.

The song carries a reggae feel, which is a little different for Murphy, but then again he hasn’t released an album in 20 years, so no one really knew what to expect out of him. The song is more than just a song, it actually carries a message, and talks about some of the social issues that many of today’s artist would much rather avoid.

Recently, Murphy did an interview with Rolling Stone, where he revealed that he hasn’t been working on film at all, but rather catering to his music. He also, stated the his biggest musical influences are Bob Marley and the Beatles, the former obviously influencing his current single.

Murphy later explains his ultimate dream, which is to formulate a show that encompasses both music and comedy, which he supposes will take place in a year or two. Personally, I feel that Eddie Murphy is extravegent entertainer in every way, and wish him nothing but the best.

The video for “Red Light” can be checked out right now on his Vevo account here and his upcoming ablum, 9, is expected to release early next year. For good measure, you can also view the video below:

Also, if you would like to read the full interview with Rolling Stone, you can do so here.

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