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Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” Hits the Net

Drake fans rejoice for new music has come. “Wu-Tang Forever” is all over the internet as of right now, and most people seem to be enjoying it, still there are some that expected something a little harder out of him considering the song’s title. All in all, the critical reception seems to be positive.

You can listen to the song below:

As per usual, Drake does that whole sing/rap thing that has become a bit of a signature for him. The song is rather emotional, also kind of a Drake signature. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if you are planning on purchasing “Nothing Was the Same” be sure to have a tissue box near by. Honestly when I listened to “Wu-Tang Forever” I could almost see a cluster of Drake fans dropping a thug tear.

“Wu-Tang Forever” is available on iTunes, and the whole of “Nothing Was the Same” can be pre-ordered right now, today. The official release date for Drake’s third studio album is September 24.

Image(s): billboard.com and thefader.com

One thought on “Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” Hits the Net

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