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New ‘Thor: The Dark World Posters’ Featuring Loki and Odin Hit the Web

Just in case you weren’t sick of seeing Loki or hearing about him yet, (I admit that I’m getting there, especially after this), I’ve got some more news for you.

The benevolent Marvel Studios recently released two new Thor: The Dark World posters that feature the mischievous god himself (played by Tom Hiddleston) and his adopted father (well, not anymore) and king of Asgard, Odin (played by Anthony Hopkins).

We’ve seen countless posters and stills for the upcoming moving (you can view all of them here and here) but this is the first solo poster we’ve seen for Odin.

In Odin’s poster, you might notice that the Allfather has a raven in tow. Marvel Comic aficionados and Norse mythology students will recognize the bird as either Hugin or Mugin (I’m not sure which one yet, but they’ll probably mention it in the movie) and to be honest, I’m curious to know what kind of grand tasks or missions Odin will be sending them on.

Moving on, Loki looks as suspicious as ever in his new poster. It appears as if he is breaking out of prison and I gotta admit that the unconscious guard (that happens to be slightly off to the side) is a very humorous touch.

Good stuff, Marvel.

Anyways, here are the posters below. Make of them what you will:




Source: Screen Crush, Marvel

Images From: Marvel,,


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