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Expect a New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Every Year

Every year?


Disney/LucasFilm have their work cut out for them.

More power to you…I guess.

Moving on, Disney’s chief financial officer, Jay Rasulo, recently let Variety know what was we could expect from the studio when it comes to upcoming Star Wars movies.

After the release of Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015, there will be a new Star Wars film (be it from the trilogy or a different origin story entirely) every year. He also emphasized the importance of “putting out a great film” first and discussed why Star Wars was such an “evergreen” property. You can read the full story from Variety here.

Anyways, I’m curious about the subject of an origin story film, because let’s be real: they could go all kinds of ways with that route.

In the past there have been rumors of a whole bunch of different solo films including one for Yoda, Boba Fett, Chewbecca, Han Solo himself, and etc, etc. While I’m not sure how solo films would play into the franchise as a whole (or whether they’d be necessary to begin with), it is a smart move for Disney and company if they want to keep an interest in the franchise while the main, trilogy movies are in the works.

But, what do you guys think? Is this plan a good idea? Or is Disney/Lucasfilm milking this a bit too hard? Let me know in the comments below!


Source: Screen Crush, Variety

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