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Jack Black in Talks to Star in Adaption of ‘Goosebumps’

I don’t hate Jack Black or anything, but here’s my reaction to that:

My thoughts exactly!

But seriously.

What the actual f*ck?

Moving on from my intial disbelief, The Wrap recently reported that Jack Black is currently in negotions to star in the film adaptaion of the timeless scary story franchise Goosebumps.

A Goosebumps film sounds good on paper, especially since a good number of us grew up with the age-old book series by R.L. Stine. However, if we add Rob Letterman (the director of the very underwhelming—to say the leastGuillver’s Travels, which also earned Jack some sh*tty ass reviews), and Neal Moritz (the producer of lackluster movies like RIPD and Jack the Giant Slayer), this goes from a really good idea to a really sh*tty idea in less than 3.5 seconds.

Seriously? That’s the creative team behind this thing?

I’m done.

Also, I’m not sure why Jack Black is doing this to himself. The guy just came off of some pretty awesome reviews from recent movie Bernie (directed by Richard Linklater).

What are you even doing, Jack?

I’m inclined to have a teensy bit of hope for this movie, especially since Goosebumps is a wildly popular book franchise (it’s up there with franchises like Harry Potter). However, with odds like this, I’m not setting my expectations too high.

Yeah, I can’t either.

Source: Screen Crush, The Wrap

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