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[UPDATED]: Justin Bieber Teases That He May Be Up for Robin Role




WB, are you f*cking kidding me?!

Like are you actually, purposefully trying to sabotage this movie before it even gets off of the ground!?

I just…WHAT!?

On a more serious note, Screen Crush and The Huffington Post recently reported that Justin Bieber posted an interesting photo on his Instragram. In this photo, Bieber is holding up a script for Batman vs. Superman and it has Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer‘s f*cking names on them and even sports a recent August 30th revision date.

This is what he captioned the photo with: “#robin?”

And in doing so, he has sent the whole of the internet into a rabid frenzy (or if you’re me, rage).

You can view the photo here.

Since this is the internet we’re talking about and hoaxes and pranks like Jimmy Kimmel‘s recent prank exist, let’s hope that we are being punk’d.

And granted, this tweet below gives me a small inkling of hope that we are being punk’d:

Regardless of whatever is actually going on, the odds are slightly high that Robin will make an appearance in the Man of Steel sequel, since the character was featured in The Dark Knight Returns comic book series. But even if this is the case, why in God’s name would WB (possibly) contact Bieber for this?


No, seriously.

Someone explain this sh*t to me.

Seriously! Someone explain this!

I just…there are just no words.

I’m out.

Source: Screen Crush, The Huffington Post

Images From: Batman.wikia.com, Last.fm.com


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