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Modern Family’s Ariel Winter’s Mom Accuses Her of Physical Abuse


We know Ariel Winter‘s real family is dealing with a lot bigger issues than the Dunphys ever have.

The 15-year-old Modern Family star is currently under the temporary guardianship of her sister, Shanelle Workman. But on Wednesday, Sept. 11, mom, Chrisoula Workman, filed legal documents stating that she’s never sexually abused her daughter and accusing Ariel of physically abusing her.

In the court papers obtained by E! News, Chrisoula’s attorney states that Ariel “has accused Chrisoula of physical and emotional abuse,” and later accused her mother “of sexual abuse or sexual molestation.” Chrisoula “adamantly denies these accusations,’ the filing states, claiming that the actress “hurled false accusations of abuse against Chrisoula” in a “willy-nilly” fashion” because she did not “get her way” to “carry on her romantic relationship with the adult, Cameron Palatas [her now 19-year-old ex-boyfriend].”

Ariel’s father, Glenn Workman, claims that the teen had gone “through a stage where she was extremely physical,” alleging that his daughter “was beating on her mother while she was driving, getting out of the car, creating scenes.” He also testified he believed she “was coached” on what to say. “It seemed like the 101 of how to get away from your parents,” he said. The papers also state Ariel is an accomplished performer who “can cry on cue,” and that Chrisoula was told to “fall on the sword” for her daughter’s career.

Chrisoula wants a deposition ahead of the planned Oct. 3 guardianship court date, but Ariel’s attorneys have filed a protective order trying to stop this. Chrisoula claims her daughter “did not display any signs of distress” around her mother at a recent family dinner, noting that the teen’s request for emancipation indicates she’s capable of speaking at a deposition like an adult.

Ariel’s mother also alleges that the stress of dealing with Shanelle, 35, was a contributing factor to her getting cancer.

 AJ’s Parker’s Take: I give this whole situation the side-eye. Every is pointing the finger at the next person, it’s sort of like The Jerry Springer show–only without the obvious ‘trailer trash’ trying to earn their 50 cent Jerry beads. It’s really hard to get a feel for who’s right or wrong, so maybe time well tell.


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