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THE TRAILER HAS DROPPED: Rocky Balboa and Jake Lamotta Trade Blows in ‘Grudge Match’

Now come on.

Did you really expect me to not make joke about Rocky and Raging Bull?

Yup. It was that easy. Too easy, in fact.

Yup. It was that easy. Too easy, in fact.

Anyways, though Sylvester Stallone (67) and Robert De Niro (70) are technically old geezers in terms of Hollywood standards, it looks like they have no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Stallone has been keeping himself busy with The Expendables franchise and De Niro been hard at work with recent movies like Silver Linings Playbook, The Family, and American Hustle. And now, the two veteran actors will join forces (or not) in the upcoming, holiday comedy Grudge Match.

Grudge Match follows the likes of Pittsburgh boxers Henry “Razor” Sharp (Stallone) and Billy “The Kid” McDonnen (De Niro). The two duked it out in their youth and each of them ended up with a W. However, before the two could settle the long-standing tie, Sharp suddenly decided to reture in 1983, causing McDonnen to do the same.

After thirty years, however, things change when a chance meeting occurs between the two during a mo-cap recording session for a video game. From that point, a witty and persuasive promoter (played by none other than he’s-been-everywhere-these-days Kevin Hart) enters the mix and convinces the two to hop back into the ring and finally settle the score.

Yup. I can get behind this.

If you’re not excited for a story like this, (like I am), then you may get excited when you hear who else is going to be featured in this movie. Aside from the aforementioned Stallone, De Niro, and Hart, the film also features Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead), Alan Arkin (Argo), and Kim Basinger (L.A. Confidential). You can see the cast go to work in the trailer below:

If anything, I feel like I’m gonna hear the phrase “I’m too old for this sh*t” at least once and I’ll probably be laughing every single time.

As for the two leads, it’ll be interesting to see them verbally and physically duke it out and tell me I’m not the only asshole who’s wondering who would kick whose ass in real life.

My money's on Rocky Stallone.

My money’s on Rocky Stallone.

On the other hand, what I’m really pumped for is the verbal match up that’s bound to take place between Hart and Arkin (as you saw in the trailer). And just how I started off this post to begin with, I am expecting some enjoyable and not-all-that-subtle nods to their respective boxing films (Rocky 1-6 and Raging Bull).

Yeah, I’m ready for this.

Let’s get ready to rumble, motherf*ckers!

(Grudge Match will be hitting theaters Christmas Day, 2013).


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