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What’s On: Legend of Korra Season 2 Premieres

*Spoilers Ahead…you were warned*


So, against my better judgement, I finally got around to watching The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra season 2 premiere this morning and it left me with a serious amount of feels…and not the good kind.

First off, I want to know why it got a second season. Legend of Korra was obviously set up so that the whole adventure would span one season and be over with. All of the conflict was resolved within in that season–did no one see that ultra-dark ending to the finale?–and therefore, it didn’t require another one. But due to the harassment of people (mostly lobbying to get something better than the TMNT re-do that is currently on) wanting it back, they came back after a year-long hiatus…with spirits.

I guess it makes sense. Since she’s a fully realized avatar, it’s only right for her to fight spirits because no normal person can take on the Avatar and win.

Then, there is Korra’s who attitude (she is in permanent ‘be an asshole to everyone you come across’ mode). There were plenty of times in the hour-long episode where she should have been b*tch slapped. At one point, I didn’t really care who did it as long as it got done. I did feel a bit better when she got her sh*t stomped in by some spirits–regardless of being in the Avatar state (who loses in the Avatar state?).

My main grudge is most likely due to the fact that Korra is not Aang. They are polar opposites. Aang was a pretty good embodiment of that transition into growing up, when you’re at that crossroad of innocence, but you’re aware that some really dark stuff has to be done (which pretty much the whole series chronicled). Korra, on the other hand, is battle ready. She is very brash and is unashamed to state and prove that she is the Avatar (which is why she challenged the baddie and got destroyed…multiple times). But I guess I would be too if I grew up in a time of peace where I wasn’t really expected to unalive anybody.

But enough with the negative. Here is the positive (even if it’s a little).

I love the addition of the other kids Aang had. In the season finale, we got a glimpse of some of the other descendants of Team Avatar–that weren’t Toph‘s daughter or Tenzin– but it was just small appearances. Now we get to see Tenzin interact with his siblings while on vacation. I’m looking forward to seeing just how much his wet-blanketness contrasts with his more laid back (and fun-loving Bumi) family.

Another thing I look forward to is seeing the unfolding dynamic of Korra’s family–creepy ass twin cousins included. For whatever reason, her uncle gives me the creeps and I feel like he has ulterior motives somehow. Meanwhile, her dad and uncle sort of have that Thor and Loki dynamic going on –you know, that five minute long window where Loki was ‘king’ of Asgard due to his brother’s banishment. Then there is Bolin’s ridiculous relationship with the female twin, Eska (she and her brother actually act like Android 17 and 18–if you don’t know who that is you haven’t lived and look it up–devoid of all emotion, minus the killing).

There you have it, my take on the season 2 premiere. In my eyes, this season has a lot to live up due to the kickassness its predecessor laid down before it –that’s pretty hard to live up to– and will have a lot to prove. But, I’m still watching and hope you are too.

What are you thoughts? Comment below.

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