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New ‘Frozen’ Poster Hits the Web

It’s been nearly a month since we first posted about Disney‘s upcoming movie Frozen. Since Frozen will be hitting theaters in about two months (November 27, 2013), Disney has wisely decided to entice us all with a new poster.

In the poster, we can see the titular character, Anna, and the rest of her crew somewhat buried under snow, while their Snowman companion stands above them all…holding his head above his body.

Yeah. That sounded weird even as I was typing it.

However, I’ll be the first to say that it looks mostly cute/endearing.

See for yourself below:


Moving on, an official, full-length, English trailer has yet to be released (what’s the hold up, Disney?), but if you’re feeling rather impatient, you can view the French trailer below. It has English subtitles and it is fairly dramatic.


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