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Jason Derülo Opens Up About His 2012 Accident

Recently, Jason Derulo sat down with The Huffington Post U.K. and gave them some insight into the 2012 accident that deeply affected him and forced to take a good, hard look at his priorities at the time.

Here’s what he had to say at first about how he was before the accident:

“I was hardcore drinking every single night. I was partying until crazy times in the evening then getting on the plane at 6 in the morning, walking in the airport like a zombie because I was drunk and hungover from the last nights.”

Before Derülo had a chance to seriously spiral out of control, he suffered a fracture in his neck in January 2012. The fracture occurred while he was rehearsing for an upcoming series of shows. If his injury had been more severe, Derülo have been paralyzed. As a result of this, the 23-year-old R & B star was forced to scrap his Future History tour and sport a neck brace for the next seven months until he was fully healed.

“Before my accident I was on autopilot,He recalled,“I don’t really think that was the right road. I was not being smart. Being young and somebody who travels the world, you can easily get caught up and kind of lose yourself in it all. I think my injury really helped to wake me up a little bit.”

He didn’t stop there: “When I was writing my second album, I was drinking every single night, like hardcore. At one point I lost my voice and I couldn’t record for a couple of weeks because I was drinking just coffee and alcohol.”

As of now, Derülo is kicking everything in high gear due to the upcoming release of his third studio album. To prepare himself for his time on the road, Derülo has been spending “eight hours” a day in rehearsals (E! News).

“When I started dancing again, it was tough because moves that I’d been doing my whole life became the hardest moves,”He added. “It was like, ‘Am I going to be able to do this again?’ It was a really scary moment. My equilibrium was totally off.”

I’m aware that sometimes, these stories don’t end as well or as happily as this one did. Regardless of that, however, I’m glad to see that Derülo is doing much better now and that he’s back on his grind.


Sources: E! News, The Huffington Post U.K.

Images: Ryanseacrest.com


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