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Katy Perry Releases “Dark Horse” Featuring Juicy J

Early this morning, (or late last night depending on how you want to look at it), the internet was buzzing, (and still is), due to the debut of a new song by Katy Perry entitled “Dark Horse”, which has been released as a promotional tool for the singer’s upcoming album Prism.

The song has a trap feel to it and features none other than Juicy J, who is known for trap music. “Dark Horse” seems to carry the nature of a dark, cold, and seductive love story and it is surely captivating music lovers all over the world.

I’m not the biggest Katy Perry fan, but I have had this song on repeat since my day started. It’s a little different for her, but it’s in a good way, and I advise all to at least give it a try.

You can listen to it below:

“Dark Horse” is available on iTunes and Prism is available for pre-order as well. The album will officially drop on October 22.


2 thoughts on “Katy Perry Releases “Dark Horse” Featuring Juicy J

    • I feel as though the vocal arrangement is her, but the production of the track as whole feels a bit different to me, but one of the beauties in life is that we all get to have our opinions.


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