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[RUMOR]: Saoirse Ronan Up for Star Wars VII; Benedict Cumberbatch May Be Involved After All

Even though Star Wars: Episode VII isn’t even officially in production yet, rumors about this movie continue to persist (and are likely to persist until an official announcement, as I have said time and time again).

Anyways, the latest rumor comes from none other than Latino Review (no surprise there) and states that not only is Saoirse Ronan up for a role in the movie, but Benedict Cumberbatch is also involved in the movie as well (contrary to denials from him and his camp).


Recently, El Mayimbe of Latino Review reported that Ronan recently had a meeting with J.J. Abrams and company about the film and noted that film will apparently be featuring a female villain.

Most people are automatically thinking along the lines of a Sith villain, but who the hell knows?


Additionally, El Mayimbe is also confident of the fact that Cumberbatch will not only be apart of Star Wars: Episode VII, but he will be involved in the entire new trilogy as well.

I’m not sure how true the Ronan rumor is, but I’m inclined to call bullsh*t on the new Cumberbatch rumor mostly because of Cumberbatch’s recent denial. HOWEVER, like I mentioned before, he could in fact be fibbing and just faking us out (a la Star Trek Into Darkness style).

Again, I could be wrong, but one could hope.


What I’m saying right now.

Let’s hope that casting announcement happens soon.


***Bleeding Cool confirms that Saoirse Ronan recently went in to read for a lead part in Star Wars: Episode VII. You can read more about that here.

Sources: Screen Crush, Latino Review, Bleeding Cool

Images From:,,, Ohnotheydidn’, Wikipedia


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