An Open Letter to Chris Brown

Everyone knows about the domestic violence incident that occurred between yourself and your then girlfriend, Rihanna, in 2009, and the subsequent hatred for you that ensued, (I swear people have formulated Chris Brown hate groups). Many people still bring it up during interviews, and constantly send you negative comments due to the assault, and you almost never take it on the chin, but instead make the choice to lash out about it.

While I don’t condone unnecessary violence, I’m not here to send you hate for that occurrence, (even she forgave you), but I would like to tell you to man the f*ck up. I mean, seriously: stop whining like a little girl all the time. Yeah, people are mean to you and they call you names. People try to get a rise out of you and your dumb ass falls for it every time.

Even Rihanna receives hate due to that incident; so how could you expect not to? People send her messages claiming that she deserved it. People make jokes about the assault with her as the punch line (seriously, no pun intended). How do you think she feels reading that crap?But hey. It’s all about Christopher and his problems, right?

Honestly, I would freaking hate to be your publicist; you are forever involved in something negative. You’re fighting with Drake in a club.


You’re fighting with Frank Ocean outside a studio over a damn parking spot. For real man. A parking spot. I just can’t get over that.


You go on Twitter rant after Twitter rant. Sometimes, your Twitter rants are about how you’re not going to feed into the negative anymore and then, a week later, you’re doing another rant, feeding into said negativity.

I’m not placing all the blame on you for some of the things you have been involved in because I wasn’t present for any of it and I am well aware that people, at times, come at you first. Truthfully, you’re an easy target because you can’t seem to help but snap back. It’s called anger management dude. Revisit it. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

I read that in a recent interview, you likened yourself to Trayvon Martin, and claimed you are both victims of racism, and I literally laughed out loud. Now, I’m not going to get into the Martin/Zimmerman debate, but I will say that the boy is deceased, while you are still very much alive. You see how that’s not the same thing.

Also, I would like to have it explained to me why it is that you call yourself a victim of racism, but used Jay Z as an example of someone who got a pass for his past because in case you didn’t know, that man is black. In fact, he’s darker than you. I know you were probably talking about the whole DA/community service issue, but seriously, you should have referenced Charlie Sheen or somebody.

While I understand where you are coming from, as far as double standards go, I do think that maybe if you stop looking for a pass, people will eventually get off your back. Someone else getting away with something doesn’t make your actions any less wrong; so you need to let go of that argument anyway. By the way, Jay Z did those things a very long time ago, and he still owns his wrongs. Plus, he opted to change his behavior so that he could succeed as a businessman and when his indiscretions are brought up in interviews, he doesn’t dodge the questions, cry about it on twitter, or try to tear the place down afterwards. Some people call this being a man. You should give it a try; you might like it.

One Direction, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Usher, The Wanted, and many others have a commonality. They didn’t sell drugs, stab anyone, or beat the crap out of a loved one, and yet still, they receive immense hatred on a daily basis. And while some of them deal with it better than others, they all handle it better than you. Unfortunately, being a celebrity means being hated, but you gift people with what can be seen as a reason on the regular.

You want another chance, but you already have it. You release an album, and people buy it. You go on tour, and it sells out. You have supporters all across the freaking globe, so be thankful, and stop b*tching about how hard your life is when you’re a millionaire who is living his dream, and some people don’t even know where there next meal is coming from, and gave up on dreaming before they reached puberty.

I think you are a talented individual, and you have been apart of some positive things, such as your charity, Symphonic Love Foundation. Positivity should be your main focus, as you claim it is. So, just make music, get movie roles, continue to be charitable, and for the sake of everything good and holy in this world, stop acting so… you.

Side note: Delete your Twitter account; it does nothing good for your image. Oh and stop rapping, seriously you have many gifts… that’s not one of them. Also, maybe you should have a cookie or two, as you have been looking quite skinny as of late.

Image(s): urbaninformation.com and hollywoodreporter.com

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