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One Direction’s New Song “Diana” Leaks

Shh, do you hear that, that my friends is the sound of millions of girls crying, as the sing along to “Diana”, a One Direction tune that leaked on the web earlier in the day. If you try hard enough you can actually see the tears rolling down the faces of directioners everywhere.

It is being speculated that the song was made in dedication to their many fans across the globe, mostly gearing toward those who feel alone, insecure, and even suicidal. I presume the track serves as a way to let their fans know that they appreciate them to the fullest extent, and that they are there for them. Fans are also speculating that the song’s title was inspired by Princess Diana, as it is known that she suffered from depression rather heavily, and it became so bad that she harmed herself on more than one occasion.

Despite the song’s somewhat dark topic, “Diana” is rather upbeat, and can easily be danced to. Personally, I like the song, and I’m happy to hear something from them that has purpose, and isn’t just another bubblegum pop record.

You can listen to the song here.

Their new album Midnight Memories is available for pre-order right now, and will be officially released on November 25.

Image(s): tumblr.com and aceshowbiz.com

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