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[UPDATED]: Colin Farrell and Paula Patton Offered Lead Roles in Upcoming ‘Warcraft’ Movie


In addition to Deadline’s earlier reports about Colin Farrell and Paula Patton, the following actors are also up for potential (albeit undisclosed) roles: Travis Fimmel (Vikings), Paul Dano (Prisoners), Anton Yelchin (Star Trek), and Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels; also known as one of my earlier picks for Batman).



I’m calling it right now.

Video game adaptations just may be the next big thing (after comic adaptations, of course).

Who doesn’t want to see sh*t like this adapted for the big screen?

With serious video game adaptations on the way like Assassin’s Creed (which will be featuring the amazing Michael Fassbender), you gotta admit that there may be hope for such adaptations after all, regardless of how sucky (see: terrible) they were in the past.

I’m down.

On that note, World of Warcraft fans should remember that a Warcraft movie is on the way and apparently, Colin Farrell and Paula Patton have been offered the lead roles in the film.

According to Deadline, director Duncan Jones and Legendary Pictures offered the two aforementioned actors the role. Patton is coming off a recent role in 2 Guns and she did very well in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Farrell is fresh off of Seven Psychopaths and Dead Man Down. As for Farrell, however, it could go either way on whether or not he actually accepts the role (Deadline reported that there is a “50/50” chance that he will do so).

As for what roles the two will actually be playing, Bleeding Cool recently namedropped a couple of characters like the wizard Khadgar, the mage Medivh, and the knight champion Andiun Lothar. Any of these roles could be Farrell’s. There are not too many details for Pattons’ role, however. But, we do know that according to a couple of details on Warcraft, the movie might be zooming in on the original humans vs. orcs conflict, which probably means that Farrell on Patton will be playing humans.

Aside from that, expect production on the movie to begin early next year, since its projected release date is somewhere in 2015 (oh the humanity. Moviepocalypse just keeps getting bigger and bigger). Until then, look out for more casting announcements and legit confirmations.

Source: Screen Rant, Deadline, Bleeding Cool

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