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Daniel Radcliffe Up For Role in Freddie Mercury Biopic

Even though Sascha Baron Cohen recently vacated the role as the titular rocker, fans of Freddie Mercury or the biopic should have no fear, because Daniel Radcliffe may be bringing his own magical touch to the film.

What? You knew that joke was coming.

According to Screen Crush, Daniel Radcliffe is apparently up for the role and producers are really eager to have him, especially after his excellent turn in Kill Your Darlings. Radcliffe has apparently been told that the role would be his, should he except (according to an insider, courtesy of Screen Crush).

Cohen previously dropped out of the role after butting heads with the surviving members of the Queen band (Brian May and Roger Taylor). The dispute was reportedly over the film’s rating. Cohen was gunning for a full-out R rating, while May and Taylor were looking to keep it PG-13.

Other than that, the band has given the project its full support by giving allowing free use of whatever rights or music that the studio is in need for. No director has been announced for the film as of late.


Source: Screen Crush

Images From: Screen Crush


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