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“The Voice” Season 5 Premiere Recap

Tonight marked the season 5 premiere of “The Voice“, the talent show like no other. The thing that makes it so special is that it is a blind audition, so any and every artist is chosen by vocal ability alone. On this season the original cast, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Cee Lo Green, reunited, and they fell back into the groove as though no one had ever left. The four judges continued their playful banters that fans of the show have grown to adore.

The show opened with the four judges performing an electrifying rendition of “I Love Rock N’ Roll” with both Adam and Blake featured as guitarists and they did a phenomenal job, if I must say so myself. This season, the man to beat is Blake Shelton, as he has won 3 consecutive seasons, losing only once to Adam Levine during season 1.

The first person to audition was a young woman by the name of Kat Robichaud, who sang “I Got the Music in Me” gaining the attention of three judges, Cee Lo, Blake, and Christina. In the end, she opted to represent team Cee Lo.

Up next was Caroline Pennell, whose song of choice was “Anything Could Happen“, which had Cee Lo and Blake battling it out for her. All of the judges were shocked to hear that she was only 17 years old, as her voice was mature and her technique was astonishing. She also opted to join team Cee Lo.

There was one woman, Donna Allen, who wowed both Christina, who turned her chair in a matter of seconds, and Adam, who turned his chair for the first time that night, with a powerful rendition of “You Are So Beautiful“. She was also the oldest person to audition, proudly owning the age of 54. She decided to join team Adam, and I’m not sure who was more excited, him or her. Adam ran onto the stage did a few push-ups, and proceeded to hug Miss Allen while they both grinned from ear-to-ear.

Matthew Schuler sang “Cough Syrup”, and was the first to receive the attention of all four judges and he did so upon belting his first note. They all made some pretty strong cases, but in the end Christina won him over.

Nic Hawk gave a fun performance as he sang, “Hit Em Up Style”, which had Cee Lo and Adam fighting for his presence on their prospective teams. His voice was not the only thing that made him memorable, as his playful flirting with Adam had the internet buzzing and made both he and Adam trending topics on twitter. Needless to say, he decided to join team Adam.

Shelbie Z was the first to join team Blake, though he had to fight both Christina and Cee Lo to get her. She won the three judges over with her amazingly strong vocals as she sang “Here for the Party”.

Josh Logan received recognition from all the judges with the exception of Cee Lo. Blake and Adam practically begged him to be apart of their teams, but Christina was able to claim a victory.

The final audition of the night came from a young man by the name of James Wolpert, who sang “Love Interruption”, and floored all four of the judges, and while each one gave a compelling argument, Adam was able to win him over after all was said and done.

Roundup: Team Cee Lo- Kat Robichaud, Caroline Pennell; Team Adam: Donna Allen, James Wolpert, Nic Hawk; Team Blake: Shelbie Z; Team Christina: Josh Logan, Matthew Schuler


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