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10 Fictional Characters That Don’t Get Enough Credit

Let’s be real.

There are some characters across the various entertainment mediums (be it television, movies, comics, or etc) that either come off as slightly pathetic, overly annoying, or just plain useless as f*ck. And most of the time, such characters earn those kind of reputations because of how they act or how they are written. Occasionally, however, some characters are unjustly branded with the above descriptions and as a result, are denied the due credit/recognition that they deserve.

So, on that note, I present to you ten fictional characters that don’t get enough credit:

10. Krillin (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z)


Krillin almost didn’t make this list. I say this because half of the DB/DBZ community faithfully maintains that Krillin is brave and does his part, while the other half vehemently dogs him out for being exceedingly useless or for being the first one to die often times than not (which I mostly disagree with, because if we’re talking useless DBZ characters or characters that are inclined to die often as f*ck, I can name a few that are not Krillin; see the END of this list).

Yeesh. It’s not that serious.

While debate is nice and all, here’s my thing: Krillin is far from useless, annoying, or even pathetic. Yes, his size often gets him underestimated a lot and yes, he is not Goku or even Vegeta, but I’m going to give the guy his due credit when I say that he carries his own weight. Also, if you want to put things into perspective, Krillin was the strongest human Z Fighter and one of the strongest non-Saiyan Z Fighters (depending on your source, either he, Tien, or Piccolo clock in as strongest Z fighter).

Moving on, Krillin has proved his mettle time and time again. Here are just a few examples:

-He (and Gohan) used a spirit bomb to f*ck up a then exceedingly evil Vegeta.

-He saved Dende from certain death by Frieza‘s horns (in his second, more buff as f*ck form)

-He also cut off Frieza’s tail with his “Destructo Disk” during that same saga

You get the picture.

See? He’s not useless. Not by a long shot.

9. Captain America/Steve Rogers (Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Marvel Comics)


I had to put Cap on this list because a lot of people (see: assholes) have been giving him a lot of sh*t since his own movie (Captain America: The First Avenger) and The Avengers came out.

Granted, I enjoy a good joke as much as the next person (CinemaSins called him a “super gymnast” and it was actually funny as f*ck), but someone needs to explain why this dude needs to be given his due credit (especially where the movies are concerned).

It’s about to get real.

Fans of Captain America know how useful the character really is. Not only is he a skilled tactician and marksman, but he possesses exceptional leadership skills and the guy is well-learned in all things fighting-related (Cap’s pretty skilled when it comes to boxing and martial arts). He’s also in peak. human. condition.

Think about that for a moment.

I know right?

Just to give that more context, his body eliminates the buildup of fatigue-causing acids in his muscles; so Cap’s endurance is way past superhuman. The motherf*cker could probably run for days.

The guy also has a good (and admirable) moral compass. Granted, I know people scoff at the idea of “the quintessential good guy/character” especially in light of morally ambiguous/antihero type characters such as Walter White (Breaking Bad), Dexter Morgan (Dexter), and even Tony Stark to some extent (this is more apparent in the comics, but still). However, someone needs to lead the all-powerful characters known as the Avengers and in all honesty, I would not trust Walter, Dexter, or Tony (especially Tony) to do that because of that (lack in) aforementioned goodness.

Suck on that, Cap haters.

Anyways, I’m really hoping his character gets expanded more in future films. He deserves that much.

8. Robin (Detective Comics, Teen Titans)


It seems that whenever people hear the name “Robin”, they automatically associate it with being lame. And to be honest, it doesn’t matter which Robin you’re talking about. It happens with all of them and any of them, but especially as it concerns the first Robin, Dick Grayson. Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, and Jason Todd sometimes catch flack too (I don’t know why; they’re all really badass, especially Todd and Wayne…those are some scary motherf*ckers), but not as much as Grayson does.



And you know, that doesn’t really make any sense to me. Sure, Grayson starts out as a mere circus kid, but anyone who can survive life and crime alongside the likes of the crazy ass motherf*cker that is Batman has definitely proved his worth, mettle, and usefulness in my eyes.

On top of that, Grayson eventually becomes the leader of the Teen Titans. The Teen Titans aren’t exactly a weak bunch and if Grayson were really lame or lacked in usefulness, he wouldn’t be able to lead them. And after he moves on from his leadership stint, he sheds his sidekick image to become the amazing Nightwing.

So, again, I don’t really understand all the Robin/Grayson hate. He definitely deserves way more credit.

I mean, come on! The dude is awesome!

7. Terra (Teen Titans)


When I was younger and Terra was first introduced to the Teen Titans (on the TV show), I immediately got an “annoying as f*ck” vibe from her and it was cemented when Raven echoed my sentiment (granted, Raven hates [mostly] everything, but she was right in this case). And it didn’t help that this chick was not in full control of her powers and often f*cked sh*t up because of that (I mean, imagine an unruly Toph. That wouldn’t be pleasant). I also was not a fan of her toying with Beast Boy‘s emotions, since Beast Boy was a real stand-up guy.

This is true.

And eventually, with her subsequent and semi-predictable descent into the hands of Slade, I had given up all hope that Terra was anything but useless to the Teen Titans (and also annoying as f*ck, as I continue to mention).

However, looking back now, I’m willing to cut her some slack for one reason and one reason only:

The girl just wanted to belong.

Somewhere. Just anywhere.

Spare me all that.

Yeah, she kind of sucked at using her powers, but she recognized this and set out to improve herself, especially after being made an honorary Teen Titan. Granted, the way she went about doing that (a la the Slade route) ultimately strained her relations with the Teen Titans and caused her subsequent downfall, but she tried nonetheless. And even before that, she made an effort to get on good terms with each and every Titan, including Raven…which is not an easy thing to do.

So, even though I’m inclined to give her the mega side-eye for most of the unnecessary sh*t that she did, I’m giving her some credit now that I’m able to understand the motivation behind her actions.

She’s not all bad.

6. Psyduck (Pokémon)


In an argument over what fictional characters are more useless than others, you are always bound to hear Psyduck’s name thrown around in the conversation. However, as seemingly useless as Psyduck appears, I’m inclined to defend the little bugger.

As Pokémon fans know, Psyduck was frequently used as a running gag in the TV series because Misty always seemed t0 accidentally release Psyduck instead of whatever other Pokémon she wanted to use…and I always found that hella annoying. Psyduck also never fails to be incapacitated by a headache and as a result, Psyduck usually doesn’t do much.

Psyduck is looking a little useless, don’t you think?

However, on the rare occasion that Psyduck’s headaches get really bad, Psyduck will tap into his/her dormant psychic abilities and f*ck up whatever threat stands in his/her way. There’s also the added bonus of Psyduck evolving into the not-to-be-f*cked-with Golduck.

For that, I shall give credit where credit is due.

Here's to you, Psyduck.

Here’s to you, Psyduck.

5. Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants)


Simply put: Patrick comes off as stupid as f*ck and he makes SpongeBob look like a f*cking genius most of the time. And for this, he has earned the unwelcome honor of being a non-factor (i.e. useless).

Oh Lord. He looks so stupid.

However, we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Patrick like that. He may be utterly stupid, but Patrick has often times experiences random bouts of wisdom, which prove to be very useful. In addition to that, he is way better than SpongeBob at detecting sarcasm and assholery when speaking to others, making him far from emotionally inept. He also has a penchant for being sarcastic himself and he is a really, really good friend. And as an added bonus, Patrick is somehow strong as f*ck (don’t ask me how or why).

So, I’m willing to cut the guy a little slack.

I mean, how cold you not? He’s adorable (mostly).

4. Frodo Baggins (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey)


I haven’t read the books or anything (so maybe I’ll be slightly offbase with my impending criticisms), but every time I see Frodo in one of The Lord of the Ring movies, I want to punch him in his f*cking face. Every time he appears on screen, he’s suffering from yet ANOTHER breakdown for whatever reason and so I find his character highly annoying and overly pathetic.

Seriously. In fact, I want to punch him in the face right now.

On the flip side of that, I have to give Frodo the recognition he deserves. Sure, his presence on screen mostly proved to irk me to no end, but I gotta give the guy some credit. He was charged with delivering an all-powerful, malevolent, and basically world-ending ring to Mordor.

To. f*cking. Mordor.


I would suffer infinitely many emotional/mental breakdowns too if I had to do that sh*t.

Therefore, even though Frodo isn’t exactly my favorite character, he deserves a lot more credit than he usually gets.

3. Meg Griffin (Family Guy)


Being real, Meg Griffin is exceedingly easy to hate as a character. She whines constantly and often complains about how her life sucks (well, it does suck, but still) and sometimes, she does some weird/odd sh*t that makes you want to give her a side-eye like this:


Regardless of all that, however, Meg made the list because we sometimes forget to cut the girl some slack. Yes, she is annoying as all f*ck, but her existence in the Griffin family (and basically the show too) is really important and she deserves credit for that.

Take, for instance, that one time Meg completely went HAM on the whole of her family after taking years of sh*t (Season 10, Episode 2 “Seahorse Seashore Party”). Granted, everything she said was on point, but after her outburst, her family nearly flew into shambles. After that, she realized that if she didn’t allow herself to be everyone’s punching bag, her family would not only remain in shambles, but it would probably become more dysfunctional than ever before.

So, regardless of her annoying nature, Meg Griffin is the glue that holds the Griffin family together and that shouldn’t be forgotten.


The one and only.

2. Aquaman (Detective Comics, Justice League, Injustice: Gods Among Us)


I will be the first one to admit that I used to take each and every opportunity to dog Aquaman out. I mean, Family Guy made it especially easy as f*ck and me and my friends always wondered what in the hell Aquaman had to contribute to the Justice League in the random case that a conflict didn’t take place near water. And so, I branded him useless as f*ck.

What I used to say about Aquaman.

However, I’ve changed my stance quite a bit on this if only because of the fact that Aquaman actually proves to be pretty badass. For example, Aquaman’s pretty big on hydrokinesis and being all aquatically-adapted grants Aquaman obligatory superpowers like superhuman strength, agility, endurance, healing and etc. Also, weirdly enough, the guy’s left hand (depending on what you’re reading) has been blessed with some pretty useful healing powers, as well as some other magical abilities.

But besides all that, what thoroughly convinced me that Aquaman was far from useless and deserved some credit was his turn in the Injustice: Gods Among Us game. Honestly, if you haven’t played it, you should and play with Aquaman. You may be surprised at what you see/experience.

Dude’s not useless at all:

1. Yamcha (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z)


The moment I started assembling this list, I KNEW that I’d be placing Yamcha at #1. The dude epitomizes the word useless (especially in the DBZ universe). In fact, Urban Dictionary has a special definition for this guy because of that fact. However, I’m going to (somewhat) attempt to defend the guy.

DB/DBZ fans know that Yamcha first joined the crew back in Dragon Ball after his short stint as a desert bandit. In those days, he served as a formidable opponent for the likes of Goku and his trademark “Wolf Fang Fist” even got the job done most of the time. However, as the series went on, and DBZ began, we all knew that Yamcha was headed for utter and (mostly) total uselessness. You want to know why? Because every time sh*t popped off, Yamcha had just been killed in action (or nearly killed in action). The bright side of this is that the Z fighters always knew sh*t had become real when this occurred.

Yamcha collage

Look at this sh*t. Smh.

Take that one time:

-He was almost killed by Tambourine.

-He was killed by a f*cking Saibaman (seriously? He couldn’t live long enough to get killed by someone legit like Vegeta or Nappa?)

-He was basically killed by Dr. Gero…not even Android 17, 18, or even 16 (thank God for Senzu beans?)

-He was killed by Super Buu/Majin Buu (via being turned into chocolate).


However, despite Yamcha being outclassed and outmatched by his friends in every possible way, the guy still tries. Every time he comes back from death (or near death) he trains harder than ever before, just so he can attempt to help. Granted, he still remains one of the weaker Z fighters regardless of his tireless training, but his heart and perseverance are qualities that should be acknowledged and admired.

And for that, and that alone, Yamcha deserves his due credit.


He’s not totally useless…I guess.

Honorable Mentions:

Magikarp (Pokémon)


I’m not even going to bullsh*t about this one: Magikarp is hands-down one of the most pathetic and useless-ass Pokémon characters that I have ever played with, watched, or had the displeasure of encountering in any other medium whatsoever. I mean, all Magikarp does is flop the f*ck around! What the hell am I supposed to do with that?!

However, I’m cutting Magikarp some slack because he/she eventually evolves into the exceedingly badass Gyarados and it’s rumored somewhere in Pokémon mythos that Magikarp’s ancestors were once much stronger than the present day Magikarp.

And if that’s case, what in the f*ck happened?

I. Don’t. Know.

Superman/Clark Kent (Detective Comics, Justice League, Man of Steel)


I give Superman so much sh*t. We give Superman so much sh*t. My own mother gives Superman so much sh*t. It’s just so easy to, mostly because of how he’s been portrayed over the years (especially where animated series like Justice League and Superman: The Animated Series are concerned).

Usually, he’s either made to be the derpiest of the pack (a la Justice League style) or he’s ALWAYS the first one to be knocked out of commission (again, Justice League style. Especially season 1).

Regardless of that, I’m giving the guy some credit since he can do damn near everything (even if that in itself is ridiculous).

This is Supes we are talking. Nothing about this dude is fair.

And as a bonus, regardless of whether or not you (or I) liked Man of Steel, I will at least give Zack Snyder credit for finally portraying Supes in all his might.

Anyways, I want to hear from you guys! Is there someone I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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