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Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’: Did It Live Up to the Hype?


And no, too.

Eh. Let me explain.

After being stoked for an entire summer (and most of September), I eagerly tuned in last night to watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. After watching it, however, I was left mostly underwhelmed.

But before I get into all that, let me give you a quick gloss over:

When Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D opens, we’re given a look at things in the wake of the Battle of New York (not literally, but Agent Maria Hill gives a really informative speech about kind of effects that the battle had on the general populous) and how it will affect the way S.H.I.E.L.D does things now. We’re also introduced to Agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton; also known as the guy who has a ten foot pole stuck up his ass), and we’re reintroduced to the ever stern and serious Agent Maria Hill, who informs Agent Ward of these changes.

Enter Agent Coulson and we have some obligatory humor that follows.

A jolly good bit, indeed.

After that, there’s some slight discussion about the team that he has assembled (which includes the likes of Agent Ward, Agent Melinda May [Ming-Na Wen] and tech geniuses Leo Fitz [Iain De Caestecker] and Jenna Simmons [Elizabeth Henstridge]; the latter two are also collectively referred to as “Fitzsimmons” which is slightly adorable) and then we hear an explanation for Coulson’s death and subsequent return (something to do with waking up in Tahiti, which Coulson kept saying was a “magical” place. I honestly don’t know if that’s supposed to mean anything.)

When I heard the explanation, I initially thought that Joss Whedon and company had copped the f*ck out, but after a rather ominous line from Agent Hill to a mysterious S.H.I.E.L.D doctor (who Whedonverse fans will recognize, but I won’t spoil the surprise) about Coulson never knowing something about what really happened. My money’s on Coulson either being a Life Model Decoy or Coulson being experimented on possibly (a la Super Soldier Serum style).

After that, Coulson and Ward head off on the Magic School Bus a super awesome jet (that is not the Hellicarrier) flown by May and set out to investigate “The Rising Tide”, which leads them to Skye (Chloe Bennett). Skye happens to be internet investigating blogger, who also doubles as a hacktivist. They end up (forceably) bringing her in for questioning, which results in some rather witty dialogue between the three (mostly from Skye and Coulson).

Moving on, the ultimate goal for the team this episode is to stop Mike Peterson (J. August Richards), a man that is later revealed to have been injected with a Extremis/Super Soldier Serum/Gamma Ray mashup substance and is now on the verge of killing anyone and everyone within a two mile radius.


The f*ck?

I guess Marvel was trying to use all the substances available to them?


“OH and while you’re at it, throw in the X-Gene too!”
“Sir/Ma’am, we don’t own that.”

Anyways, with the admirable efforts from scientists “Fitzsimmons” and an inspiring “There’s always a way” mini-speech from Coulson, the team ends up finding a cure for Peterson and saving his life and etc, etc, and they all live happily ever after…until some new assignment called “0-8-4”.

Thus, Coulson is on his way again, (this time with Skye voluntarily in tow), via his car “Lola”, which can apparently fly.

I’m guessing they perfected Howard Stark’s hover car design.

What? You knew that was coming.

Anyways, I thought the episode was okay, but I’m not exactly raving about it.

For example, I found the dialogue to be very witty and on point (thanks to Whedon, of course) and the humor was definitely there. However, sometimes, when hardcore action followed said humor, the seriousness of the action was undermined slightly. I know they’re still trying to find the balance between being family-friendly (to some extent) and being semi-serious, but the way this sentiment was handled in the episode was slightly clumsy and felt awkward.

And then, there’s the subject of the main characters. So far, no one has really stuck out to me as a “lead” character, which I find semi-problematic. There’s nothing wrong with a good ensemble drama or comedy, but usually you need that one character that it all comes back to and I didn’t get that vibe from anyone.

On top of that, the only characters I generally care about at the moment are Coulson (but he’s a fan favorite; so he doesn’t count) and May (I’m really interested in her story). The rest I could do without. I mean, Ward was serious as f*ck and sometimes, it was almost unbearable. And then you have Skye, who I really haven’t warmed up to at all; so even though I found that she had a good sense of humor, she still irked the f*ck out of me. As for “Fitzsimmons”, I’m not sure what to say about them yet. I’m hoping the subsequent episode shows off more of their dynamic so I can get a feel of what they’re really all about.

Also, maybe this is just a “Lex is being an asshole thing”, but why do all of these secret agents look young as f*ck?

Yeah…me neither.

Despite all of this, I’m hoping that the awkwardness only occurred because the show is still in “Pilot” mode and all.

Aside from that, I definitely appreciated all the infinitely many nods to all things Marvel, especially as it pertains to the Avengers. Each and everyone of them got a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) nod…save for Hawkeye. Dude doesn’t even get enough love in the f*cking TV show about S.H.I.E.L.D agents. I mean, even Loki got a nod too.

I’ll bet.

In closing, I wasn’t as thoroughly impressed as I thought I’d be, but I’m still willing to give this show a chance because of the infinitely many directions that it can go in.

So, I’ll definitely be tuning in next week.


Image From: Crushable.com, Businessinsider.com, Memegenerator.net, Funnyjunk.com, Imgur.com, Marvel


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