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[RUMOR]: Michael B. Jordan Up For Role as Will Smith’s Son in ‘Independence Day 2’?


The rumor mill is totally having a field day with this guy.

Not only has Michael B. Jordan recently been rumored to be up for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, and the Fantastic Four, but now its being rumored that he’s up for a part in Independence Day 2…as Will Smith‘s son.

I’m not sure what to believe either.

The Wrap recently reported that Jordan had met with Roland Emmerich (writer/director) about the aforementioned role and concluded that both parties seemed very interested in the potential day. Apparently, Jordan’s name has been tossed around over at Fox more than once, but there’s been no news on whether or not the studio will be offering him the role.

Granted, I wouldn’t put it past Fox to cast Jordan. He appeared in the Fox film Chronicle and as I mentioned before, his name has come up more than once when it comes to their upcoming Fantastic Four movie (if cast, he’d apparently be playing the Human Torch). I guess they like themselves some Micheal B. Jordan.

This is me right now.

As of now, Independence Day 2 is (tentatively) expected to hit theaters July 3, 2015.


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