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Finally Back From My WiFi Adventure

I’m so sorry for the long hiatus between awesome-ness. I’m ultra sorry to Lex; she had to backpack it by herself for the past two weeks.

At first, I wanted to just say nothing and dive totally and completely into more work. But decided that I must share this story.

I woke up and it seemed normal until I did my daily troll through every type and source of media possible. But when I decided that I had to capitalize on the Miley/Liam split-that we all saw from a mile away and a year ago, my laptop was not having it.

“Fine.” I thought. I would just drop it off at the Techs later and for now I would just post from my phone.

Surprise! No WiFi. So, for the time being, I spent most of my time hanging out (alright, loitering) at Starbucks. But there is only so many grande Iced Caramel Macchiatos that one can buy at one time and in one day on a student’s budget without getting the side-eye from the employees (doesn’t help I was blasting Icono Pop the entire time). When I felt I overstayed my welcoming by say, over three hours, my laptop and I wandered the lonely streets until eventually I succumbed to Internet withdrawal (it’s totally a real thing) and was frantically running into many different random places yelling ‘Can I post it now!’ waving my phone over my head.

Luckily, while sitting on a bench outside and pondering the sad thing that is my life, I met a hobo that was also suffering from either everything withdrawal or public drunkenness. That same hobo after listening to my story told me that I was going to get catfished by some pasty European who also just happens to have agoraphobia.

The moment I backed up from the strange prophet, I almost got hit by friend who is obsessed with Stouffer’s Frozen Lasagna. As an apology, she offered to give me a ride anywhere I wanted (as I am car-less). All I really wanted was WiFi; so that was what I asked for. My friend then offered a free meal and all the WiFi I wanted at her parent’s place.

And so ends the story of my brief brush with madness.

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