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NBC Orders New Show Featuring DC Character John Constantine

In other words, DC plans to take over television.

Well, more power to you, DC.

In addition to DC’s current TV show, Arrow, and upcoming TV shows like The Flash spinoff and Gotham, DC is adding another show to its growing list called Constantine, (which has been green-lit by NBC).

The new show will be written and executively produced by Daniel Cerone (executive producer of The Mentalist) and DC mainstay David S. Goyer (who is literally everywhere in the DC Cinematic Universe these days…for better or for worse). Other than that, there aren’t too many details out there about the upcoming show.

However, fans familiar with John Constantine should hope that the show focuses on the original DC version (instead of the haphazard film that featured Keanu Reeves in the titular role). Constantine first made his debut in 1985 (and was creaed by Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, and Steve Bissette) and appeared as a blonde British man with penchant for chain-smoking (think along the lines of Sting, the Police frontman). He started out as a con man who later became a supernatural detective bent on protecting the world from evil forces from the great beyond.


I definitely think there’s an audience for that.


But I want to hear from you guys. Are you excited that DC is (attempting) to take over live action television? Let me know in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “NBC Orders New Show Featuring DC Character John Constantine

    • lol. It’s been a loooooong time since I have (and since it was way before I even officially got interested in that type of stuff.) So I definitely need to re-watch it. I love Keanu, so why not, lol?


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