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College Must Have’s: 5 Shoe Styles That You Must Own

coveted shoes

Whether you’re the kind of girl who needs a separate closet for your shoes alone, or the kind who only buys a new pair when your fall-backs have completely worn out, there are specific shoe styles that every college girl should own.  And if you are like me and you learned it late, this is the chance to report on shoe findings. Need an excuse to go shopping? Go through my checklist to see if you have them all, or maybe need a closet update:

1. Comfort Shoes (Almost Slippers)

Hmm, comfy...

Hmm, comfy…

I don’t care what anybody says, this goes in as number one. I know right now it seems unimportant but think about the downtime in between trying to be cute and wearing heels all over campus. Your poor feet will need some time off and your feet will thank you for the love and affection shown through your comfortable ass shows. That being said, no one but your closest friends are meant to see these-UGGs I’m looking at you- you could probably get away with wearing them to the mailbox in your dorm building but never venture outside in them. Doing laundry? Alright. Late night cramming in the library (which I don’t advise but still do)? I guess they are acceptable. Going to class? Never.

2. Flats


All of the pretty colors

These bad boys combine the best of all worlds: comfort, style, and practicality. You can wear these pretty much daily, to class or the mall, and even dress them up with tights and a nice dress for an evening look that won’t leave you blistered in the morning. I personally own about twelve of them and am still looking for excuses to buy more. The best part is the fact that they have gained so much popularity they are almost everywhere and fit almost every personality.

3. Going Out Pumps


In my mind there are nothing these babies can’t do. Since I am just barely measuring in at 5’3 and most of my friends are taller than me they are my ‘Make AJ Feel Important’ shoes -also since I am from New England my de facto motto is “The higher your heels the closer to God”(…that’s right Jersey I ripped off your stuff). To look your best and get you in a partying mood, every college girl should own a pair of fun going-out pumps. Pick a heel height that you can handle: if you’re a supermodel-in-training go for the 4, 5+ inchers, otherwise stick to 3″ and below. I hate when girls do what I call the Bambi walk around campus it’s usually do to the fact that they are wearing skyscrapers and can’t walk in them (or are mere moments from passing out). Don’t worry about spending a lot of money on these shoes, you’re likely not going to wear them as often (unless your me) and want to update to the next trend in 6 months anyway.

4. Flat Boots (No Heels Today)

Take you pick

Take your pick

Short Boots, Tall Boots, and Military Boots, oh my! I love boots more than I love pumps (and Sperry’s for some reason). They go with d*mn near everything” those skinny jeans you just bought, that a-line skirt sitting in your closet, those cut off denim shorts that are missing and are who knows where. They also give no f*cks about whatever season it is, they still demand to be worn. And they’re comfortable. A taller riding boot will be a more classic piece to keep around, while a shorter, combat-style boot has a ultra-trendy vibe.

5. Running Shoes


It’s last on the list because I hate running (but still elect to do it). I hate everything about, the sweat, the smell, the tired feeling afterwards but if I have to do it d*mn right I’m going to do it in style. Even if your not a serious runner know one else will know that as long as you decked out liked one.


images(s): everycollegegirl, sneakernews.com, collegefashion.net, blog.hgtv.com

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