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The Killers Drop “Shot at the Night” Music Video

If by some chance any of you Killers‘ fans haven’t already heard, they have indeed released a visual for their current single “Shot at the Night”, which debuted on yesterday, and people have been absolutely loving it.

The video opens up with a look over Las Vegas in all its beautiful lights and excitement, but quickly focuses on a young woman who works as a hotel maid. As the video progresses you see how she lives day to day, getting ready in the morning, working all day, going home to her cat, and doing it all over again. Her daily routine is interrupted when she meets, an attractive man who takes her out for a night of fun, and the two seemingly fall for each other. Both the song and video are complete masterpieces that I would advise any lover of music to seek out.

You can view the video below:

“Shot at the Night” is available on iTunes now, and will be apart of the Killers forthcoming compilations album, Direct Hits, which is set for a November release.

Image(s): last.fm

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