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‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Special: New Promos and Trailer Description Emerge

Even though fans of Doctor Who will be waiting an awfully long time before a new season kicks off, fans can attempt to make two with the Doctor Who specials that are coming up, specifically the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. Though there’s no official trailer on the aforementioned special yet, a slight description of the trailer as well as some new promos for the upcoming big day has emerged.

I know, right? It’s about time!

Recently, BBC unveiled two brief promos that give a tiny peek at the impending November 23 release. During the first promo, you can hear Matt Smith’s voice as he proclaims the name of the episode. The second promo reveals the date. You can view them both below:

Being honest, it’s not much…but it’s something.

Yeah you will!


As for the yet-to-be seen trailer, the network (BBC) themselves explained that the trailer was in the post production phase and had this to say about the matter:

It’s never been seen before and is currently in post-production. Bold, brilliant and unexpected, it promises to be an ideal way to look forward to the big day.”

You had better deliver on this, BBC. Your fans are waiting.


Moving on, as it’s already announced, David Tennant and Billie Piper will be reprising their roles as The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler and John Hurt will also be returning as the “Dark Doctor”. The special will run for a full 75 minutes and be accompanied by a special featuring Professor Brian Cox on BBC Two, who will be elaborating on the science—aka wibbly wobbly timey wimey sh*t—behind the show. A Doctor Who origins movie entitled An Adventure in Space and Time (featuring Mark Gatiss [Sherlock]) will follow thereafter.

We’ll update you as soon as we know more!


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