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Katy Perry’s New Single “Walking On Air” Debuts

The unveiling of Katy Perry‘s upcoming album, Prism, is still roughly about a month away, but Katy Perry fans, have no fear! Yet another single from the album has been released.

I’m assuming this is what most of you Katy Perry fans look like.

Earlier today, the new single, “Walking On Air” hit the web. The track was produced by Klas Ahlund (Robyn collaborator) and was recorded in Stockholm. Ahlund previously worked with Perry on part of the latter’s California Dreams tour. This single is the third song that has been released from Perry’s upcoming album.

If you’re into crazy synth beats, you’ll probably love this song. So far, I get a remix/mashup feel from the song, but you can listen for yourself below:


(Prism Hits Stores October 22, 2013).


Source: Billboard

Images From: Extmovie.com, Zimbio.com

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