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Britney Spear’s Debuts “Work B*tch” Music Video

Britney Spears’ fans have been rejoicing since yesterday, as the pop princess dropped a visual for her current single “Work Bitch”. Fans and critics alike have been raving about her latest video, as they should be.


The video is very Britney, and I mean that in a good way in case you were wondering. The singer is shown rocking sexy attire as she dances seductively in the desert, while acting somewhat as a dominatrix. There are shoots of her standing on a platform inside a pool while sharks swim around her. One of the more interesting scenes, in my personal opinion, depicts the songstress holding a group of women on, what appeared to be, diamond leashes. All in all, the video was interesting to say the least, and definitely showed that she still has it.

If you have yet to see the vid, make your way to her Vevo account immediately, (or you can check it out below). You will be anything but disappointed:


Image(s): digitalspy.com and thatgrapejuice.net

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