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David Tennant to Star in the American Version of ‘Broadchurch’

There’s nothing new about adapting television series from other countries and apparently, the UK smash hit, Broadchurch, is the latest TV show to be given this treatment by Fox. On top of that, however, the Tenth Doctor David Tennant will be reportedly reprising his role in the American series as well.


They had me at David Tennant.

I know right!?

Anyways, TVGuide recently reported that the series would in fact be coming to American TV and would also be featuring the aforementioned Tennant. In addition to that, Tennant’s Alec Hardy (a straight-laced, “I-refuse-to-take-your-bullsh*t” detective) will be similar to that of the UK version, except we may be hearing/seeing Tennant without his awesome ass accent (I don’t see why we wouldn’t be hearing/seeing it, but who knows).

Moving on, this American version will apparently be a “limited series” and will probably arrive around the 2014-15 TV season. The original series will be entering its sophomore season in 2014 also (Tennant will most likely be reprising).

In Fox’s adaptation of Broadchurch, we should expect the TV series to follow the original story that chronicles the disheartening and suspicious death of a young boy that turns up on a beach surrounded by all kinds of rocks and a cliff and etc (it is suspected that he may have fallen). Obviously, his actual cause of death remains to be resolved or even discovered, but the incident eventually comes front and center in a serious investigation that is led by Tennant’s Alec Hardy.

Chris Chibnall (the original creator of Broadchurch) will be producing the US version and penning the pilot episode. Capote’s Dan Futterman and In Treatment’s Anya Epstein will also be joining the project in the capacity of executive producers and showrunners.

If you’re still semi-skeptical (which you shouldn’t be) UK’s version of Broadchurch recently claimed the honor of being the most watched series of the year. It’s April finale even managed to roundup over 10 million viewers, which in itself is impressive.

I expect good things from this show.

No, scratch that.

I expect GREAT THINGS show.

Also, to end this, here’s another David Tennant GIF:

Yes. Yes it is.

Source: Screen Crush, TVGuide

Images From: Fanpop.com, Reactiongifs.us, Birminghammail.co.uk, Sv.wikipedia.org


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