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Movie News From Around the Web: ’22 Jump Street’, ‘Ted 2’, and More

It’s no secret by now that AJ, Case, and I are college students and as college students, there are times/days/weeks that we have obscene amounts of work and almost no time to post updates on our site.

…This was definitely one of those weeks.

How we are right now.

As a result, our posting volume has decreased slightly, but fear not! We have no plans to abandon ship and we understand that news waits for no one and that you want to be updated on the latest. In response to this, I’ll be starting various “News From Around The Web” segments that could include anything from movies to music to celebrities.

So, without further ado, I present to you the latest movie news from around the web:

Ted 2 will join the already f*cking crowded 2015.

I know, right?

Bring on Moviepocalypse!

(You can read more about it here.)

22 Jump Street is a thing and it’s happening whether you want it to or not.

Though I liked 21 Jump Street, I’m with him on this.

(You can read more about it here).

If you have yet to see the Wonder Woman Fan Trailer, you are missing out.

But since I don’t want you to be missing out, you can view it below:

So…yeah. Hollywood is clearly full of bullsh*t for saying that a Wonder Woman movie is impossible and/or “hard to realize on screen”:

Yes, yes I am.

Anthony Mackie is claiming that Falcon won’t be a sidekick in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

This is my immediate (albeit skeptical) reaction to that:

Sorry, not sorry.

(You can read more about that here).

The Great Paul Giamatti Fessed up to being involved in The Amazing Spiderman 3.

Oh, f*ck yes. Please make this happen.


That Sinister Six team-up may not be so far away after all.

(You can read more about that here.)


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