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[RUMOR]: Is Jimmy Jean-Louis Up For Amazo Role in ‘Arrow’?

After months and weeks of waiting, we’re finally less than a week away from the premiere of Arrow’s second season. Regardless of that, however, rumors about additional cast members continue to surface and this time, involve a character by the name of “Amazo”.

If you’ve been keeping up with Arrow-related news, then you know that Dylan Neal was recently cast as DC mad scientist Dr. Anthony Ivo, who oddly enough, is in fact the creator of the DC “Amazo” android.

Coincidence? I think not.

Yup. We're all onto you, DC.

Yup. We’re all onto you, DC.

Moving on, even though an introduction of the famed “Amazo” android may prove to be a little fantastical for the exceedingly grounded Arrow series, Jimmy Jean-Louis recently came on board for a role as “The Captain”, which may possibly prove to be Arrow’s interpretation of the character.

According to ComicBookResources, Louis signed on for a multi-episode role (which will probably include a multi-episode arc). The CW had this to saw about his casting:

The Captain is a mysterious and deadly associate of Anthony Ivo, and has a connection to a mystery of Season 2 called the ‘Amazo’ — which will be a familiar name to DC Comics fans.”

Granted, it may be a stretch to say that Louis will be revealed as the “Amazo” android, but Arrow fans and DC fans can dream right?

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