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Warner Bros. CEO Confesses That a Wonder Woman Movie Should Already Exist


That’s great.

It only took like the rage of most of the world and you know, the internet, for you to realize this.

Like seriously. People have been saying this sh*t forever.

Moving on, it’s a well-known fact that despite all the years they’ve had to do it, WB/DC still hasn’t made a Wonder Woman movie yet. I commented recently on the fact that Marvel will be bringing a movie to the silver screen that includes a talking tree and a talking raccoon…BEFORE we get a Wonder Woman movie. This is obviously a point that irks all comic fans alike, (hardcore or not). As of now, however, it’s getting clearer and clearer that WB/DC is learning the error of their ways and now WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara is admitting this to the general public.

Speaking to the public (and you know, most of the world), Tsujihara basically put WB on blast by saying that it was about time that WB “get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV” (The Hollywood Reporter). He even added that they have “huge plans for a number of other DC properties” besides what appears like an annoying preference for all things Batman and Superman-related (hence the Batman vs. Superman movie) (Hollywood Reporter).


Yup. Empty words and promises can only do so much to hold my attention.

Granted, I want to take such a statement seriously, but words only mean so much. A lot of DC fans, comic fans, and movie fans alike (including myself) have been waiting for a Wonder Woman movie FOREVER; so excuse us while we side-eye such words. We want action on WB’s part and that action needs to take the form of a movie and here’s why:


To be honest, I’ve always been under the impression that superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and etc are just too big for TV. Then again, exceptions can be made with animated TV shows or even “origin” shows like Smallville or Arrow, but other than that, their rich histories, backgrounds, and villains would be better appreciated on the big screen.

Moving back to more serious matters, however, rumors about Wonder Woman showing up in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie have been pretty prevalent and some are even thinking that if she shows up there, it would pave the way for her to appear in either her own movie or a Justice League movie (or you know, maybe both?).

Personally, she definitely needs her own movie first and if WB is able to (FINALLY) bring this to fruition, I am hoping and praying that they do it justice (pun intended; but seriously) because we all know (including WB) that this movie is long overdue.


Source: Screen Crush, The Hollywood Reporter
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