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New ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Movie Clip Hits The Web


A new clip from Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World has hit the web and finds the prince of Asgard, played by Chris Hemsworth, looking for all the help he can get to save the Nine Realms from a new enemy.

We already knew that the two were joining forces –just so Marvel had a reason to put more than enough Tom Hiddleston in the movie (I’m secretly not mad).

The scene shows Thor calling upon his adoptive brother, who has been in jail ever since he was soundly defeated in 2012’s The Avengers. Together, the two negotiate an uncomfortable alliance.

If you have’t seen it yet, I have the clip for you lovely people.

This clip only furthers my own own crazy idea’s and expectations for the plot (I am going to keep them to myself so that I am not the jerk person who spazzed and told the entire plot or what it should be on unwilling readers).

What does this clip make you think? And What are you thinking about the movie plot wise? Let me know. 

Sound off!

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