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‘Arrow’ Returns Tonight; Releases One Last Trailer and Clip

Oh f*ck yes.



The day of Arrow’s season 2 premiere has finally arrived (after months of waiting, cool trailers and clips, casting news, posters, and whatever else)! Tonight, we’ll be seeing the highly anticipated return of the show and it’s hooded hero/protagonist Oliver Queen (aka The Green Arrow).

Fans of the series should obviously be very, very happy already, but just in case you need even more to get excited over, The CW was awesome and benevolent enough to release one last final trailer for the show, as well as a clip that show cases some of the action we’ll probably be witnessing in tonight’s episode.

In the new trailer, it seems like the trailer itself is trying to place a lot of focus on the fact that Queen will be attempting to reinvent from his identity as the Starling City vigilante (super emphasis on “the”) into that of the quintessential hero (because I mean, who wouldn’t want to identify is that?). Hopefully, this may result in him actually (and officially) assuming the moniker that DC fans know and love…The Green Arrow.

You bet your ass it is!

Of course, in this same trailer, it’s pretty clear that a number of people will be arising to put a stop to his plans, but let’s hope that Queen is up to the challenge and that a number of heroes rise up to assist him along the way.

As for the clip, it shows off a small portion of what we’ll likely be seeing in tonight’s episode (which is called “City of Heroes”). In the clip, a group of copycat, wannabe heroes storm into meeting that is taking place between Queen and his new business rival, Summer Glan’s Isabel Rochev. The chaos that ensues as a result is actually pretty cool…but don’t take my word for it. Check out the trailer and the clip below:

(Arrow will be returning for it’s second season
tonight at 8pm/7pm on The CW. DON’T MISS IT.)

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