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Eminem Drops “Survival” Music Video


Eminem, one of the most prominent MCs of today, has released a visual for his single “Survival”, which was first introduced to the world through a commercial for the video game, Call of Duty: Ghost, back in August of this year.


In the new video Eminem is featured dressed in all black, as he raps his heart out in an abandoned warehouse, accompanied by no one other than a silhouetted drummer. As the video progresses a team of graffiti artist appear, and travel the streets tagging various buildings with the image of a white skull. Clips from Call of Duty: Ghost can be seen serving as a back drop for the Detroit rapper’s perfomance.

“Survival” serves as the second single off his eighth studio album, “Bezerk serving as the first of course, and is available on iTunes right now. Marshall Mathers LP 2, the title of his forthcoming album, is set to officially drop on November 5.

You can view the official video for “Surivial” below.



Image(s): youtube.com, directlyrics.com, breathcast.christianpost.com

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