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Lupe Fiasco Drops “Old School Love” ft. Ed Sheeran

Lupe Fiasco has released a brand new single, “Old School Love”, featuring none other than Ed Sheeran. The soothing new track is relatable to people of all ages, and from all walks of life.

It has been a while since we have heard from Lupe, and I personally am excited about his reemerge onto the music scene. The song opens up with Sheeran sweetly singng to nothing more than a soft souding piano. The beat comes in soon after, and Sheeran delivers the chorus in a beautiful tone that simply wisk the listener into a place of peace and love. Of course Lupe, once again, shows that he is more than simply a rapper, but a lyricist as he delivers intricate lines throughout the progression of the track.

“Old School Love” is the first official single off of Lupe’s forthcoming album, Tetsuo & Youth, and is available on iTunes right now.

You can listen to the hot new track below.

Image(s): prefixmag.com

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