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The Wanted’s “Show Me Love (America)” Video Hits The Web

A couple of weeks back, The Wanted’s single “Show Me Love (America)” leaked onto the web, much to the joy of The Wanted fans. Recently, however, the band decided to unveil the music video to the aforementioned song and unlike their usual videos, the band is looking to be slightly more serious.

During the video, the band is accompanied by a (string) orchestra in what looks like a theater. They look on as a relationship falls to pieces in front of them until they themselves become part of the overarching story.

And then, chaos ensues. Max assumes the role of a police officer, Jay masquerades as a hobo, Tom posts up against a street lamp, (looking somber with an acoustic guitar in his hands), and a tortured looking Nathan screams in the train.

Yeah…I don’t know what to think either….

But in all seriousness, the video looks pretty good once you get past all of its weird (albeit slightly random) events. But you can check it out for yourself below:

Other than that, The Wanted’s upcoming album will be debuting Nov. 4 (after being moved from their initial September date. The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness had this to say to Billboard about the album last month:

“I think some of it will be what you’d expect, which are party songs and club mixes. Here will be some that I think are more reflective of two years of some struggle. So you don’t want hands in the air for a struggle song. You want an orchestra and want to emote a little and hopefully there’s a mix of both.”

Source: Billboard
Image From: Buzzworthy.mtv.com


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