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“Fifty Shades” In Danger: What Was The Real Reason For Hunnam’s Departure?


I have no idea how that got there…

Right now, there are various theories as to why Charlie Hunnam backed out of the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. While the actor’s reps have insisted his departure is due to scheduling conflicts, E! News has confirmed that Sons of Anarchy will wrap production on its sixth season before the film shoot begins in November.

So, what’s the real reason the 33-year-old rising star turned down the role of a lifetime? Could it be the monetary disagreements or other unforeseen problems that arose only a month before film was set to begin? Or could it be that Hunnam didn’t want the film that would no doubt catapult him into more than a household name, thus changing his fame forever?

For now, Hunnam isn’t saying anything. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the star was concerned about his lack of creative control. After all, he did pen a screenplay for Brad Pitts’s Plan B and Summit Entertainment.

Taking his own initiative, Hunnam reportedly made several script revisions to Fifty Shades of Grey, and many of them were well received.

After Universal Pictures and Focus Features acquired the rights to bring Fifty Shades of Grey to the big screen in March 2012, dozens of leading men were rumored to vying for the role. When Hunnam was cast, he was offered a reported $125,000 to play sadomasochistic businessman Christian Grey.

It’s a small sum, given that Robert Pattinson earned a reported $2 million for the first Twilight film. Like Hunnam, he had a few credits to his name, but was by no means a household name at the time. Whether finances played a part in Hunnam’s decision to quit the project remains to be seen. What is certain is that there are dozens of actors vying to share the silver screen with Anastasia Steel herself, Dakota Johnson.

This could be devastating to the production company, as both stars, Hunnam and Johnson, were initially brought on for their chemistry together (chemistry is necessary for a film as racy as this). So as of right now, it’s impossible to tell whether Johnson will stay or go depending on who the company decides to recast with. However, this whole ordeal could be a blessing in disguise and a chance to appease the fans with different casting choices in the wake of the previous backlash.

Even though there a ton of names being tossed around for the leading role (you can read some of them here) what are you guys choice for leading man? Comment below!

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