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[UPDATE]: Fall TV Winners and Losers (As of Mid-October)

About two weeks ago, writer AJ Parker did a post about what TV shows seemed destined for greatest in this new fall season and what other shows were destined to receive the big ax.

And as of these week, we have a couple of expected and not expected updates for you on the matter.

The Good:

As we recently reported, NBC’s The Blacklist, Fox’s Sleepy Hollow and ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D have all (already) received full season orders. Sleepy Hollow in particular has already warranted a second season order, which is super impressive in itself.

That was fast o.O.

In addition to that, CBS’ The Crazy Ones (lead by Robin Williams) is also doing very well for itself and I’m expecting to hear about a full season order for that show very soon. It’s good to see Williams back on television.

The Bad:

In addition to ABC’s already-axed show Lucky 7, CBS recently had to say au revoir to We Are Men. Both shows received the ax after only two episodes; so that definitely isn’t all that good.

The Barely in the Motherf*cking Game:

So, as always when it comes to TV, there are always shows that are on the cusp of being canceled. Sometimes, such shows pull through and other times, the ax eventually catches up to them and their subsequent end (read: cancellation) can feel world-ending.

Nope. Not over it. I miss you, Happy Endings. I really do.

Moving on, such shows that are “on the cusp” include shows like NBC’s Welcome to the Family and NBC’s Betrayal…which sounds eerily similar to Deception (but I could be wrong). But if I happened to be right, that’d be slightly ironic since Deception eventually got axed too.

My condolences, Megan Good. You deserve better.

NBC’s Ironside and CBS’s Hostages are doing slightly better, but not by much. Fingers crossed for Ironside though. Blair Underwood‘s featured in it and he’s always refreshing to watch.

Other than, despite NBC’s semi-underwhelming Thursday lineup, they are kicking ass with shows like The Blacklist, The Voice, Grimm, and newcomer Dracula.

For more on the TV Ratings race, you can check out a wide array of network averages below (courtesy of Variety):


Adults 18-49

NBC             2.7/8
Fox              2.4/7
CBS              1.9/5
ABC              1.8/5
UNI              1.2/4
CW               0.7/2
TEL               0.5/1

Total Viewers

CBS            9.23 million
NBC           8.44 million
Fox            7.49 million
ABC           6.99 million
UNI           3.19 million
CW            1.70 million
TEL            1.14 million


Adults 18-49
1.  Sunday Night Football (NBC), 8.4/22
2.  The Walking Dead (AMC), 8.2/19
3.  The Big Bang Theory (CBS), 5.1/17
4.  The Voice-Monday (NBC), 4.6/13
5.  Monday Night Football (ESPN), 4.4/13
6.  Modern Family (ABC), 3.9/11
7.  Duck Dynasty (A&E), 3.2/10
8.  The Blacklist (NBC), 3.1/9
8.  Scandal (ABC), 3.1/9
8.  Thursday Night Football (NFLN), 3.1/9
8.  American Horror Story (FX), 3.1/9
12.  The Millers (CBS), 3.0/9
12.  The Voice-Tuesday (NBC), 3.0/9
12.  How I Met Your Mother (CBS), 3.0/9
15.  Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (ABC), 2.9/9
15.  Glee (Fox), 2.9/8
17.  NCIS (CBS), 2.8/9
17.  Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), 2.8/8
17.  Sleepy Hollow (Fox), 2.8/7
20.  NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), 2.6/7
20.  Criminal Minds (CBS), 2.6/7

Total Viewers (in millions)
1.  Sunday Night Football (NBC), 22.07
2.  NCIS (CBS), 18.33
3.  The Big Bang Theory (CBS), 17.64
4.  The Walking Dead (AMC), 16.11
5.  NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), 14.84
6.  The Voice-Monday (NBC), 14.64
7.  Dancing With the Stars (ABC), 13.00
8.  The Millers (CBS), 11.73
9.  Person of Interest (CBS), 11.65
10.  Monday Night Football (ESPN), 11.45
11.  The Blacklist (NBC), 11.18
12.  Criminal Minds (CBS), 10.98
13.  Modern Family (ABC), 10.64
14.  60 Minutes (CBS), 10.62
15.  Blue Bloods (CBS), 10.56
16.  Castle (ABC), 10.51
17.  The Voice-Tuesday (NBC), 10.20
18.  The Crazy Ones (CBS), 9.69
19.  Survivor (CBS), 9.60
20.  The Mentalist (CBS), 9.39

Source: Variety
Images From:,,,,,

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