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Ne-Yo’s New Track “Luxurious” (ft. Future) Hits the Net

Ne-Yo’s new R&B ballad, “Luxurious”, has found its way onto the internet. Fans of both Ne-Yo and Future have been praising the hot new track since it hit the net.

The record show cases Ne-Yo’s smooth vocals on the first verse, but he and Future, auto-tune in tow, share the chorus, and then he lets Future shine with a verse of his own. They sing about how they can, and will take care of woman if, and only if, they feel she deserves it.

The song has not yet officially been released, but leaked on the net earlier in the week. Most would be upset about their work being released before time, but Ne-Yo is taking it all in stride. The singer took to twitter to express his thoughts about the leak.

Personally, I think the track is pretty good, and once again showcases Ne-Yo’s amazing skills as both a singer and a writer.

You can listen to the track below.

Image(s): mtv.com

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