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Movie News From Around The Web: Will Smith, ‘X-Men: DOFP’, and More

In only a week, the internet (and by extension the world) has seen all kinds of movie-related news including teasers (X-Men: Days of Future Past, I am looking at you), new photos, new trailers, and even an array of casting news.

Today/this week’s edition of MNFATW will be slightly longer than usual; so bear with me.

Without further ado, your movie news, ladies and gentlemen:

Milla Jovovich, Meryl Streep, and Cameron Diaz are all thisclose to starring in The ExpendaBelles.


I understand Milla’s involvement in this movie, seeing as she’s the badass motherf*cker who heads The Resident Evil film series. As for Streep and Diaz’s involvment, I am not sure what to say about that.

(You can read more about that here.)

In case you’re one of the poor (but lucky) saps who haven’t heard, Jamie Dornan has officially clinched Charlie Hunnam’s vacated role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Before I even get into this, here’s the obligatory GIF:

Dear Lord, I can’t even.

Moving on, for those of you remotely excited for this movie, you should also be semi-excited about this casting choice. Dornan previously had a turn in Once Upon A Time as Sheriff Graham Humbert, and also appeared in other related projects like Sofia Coppola‘s Marie Antoinette and BBC Two’s The Fall. So he’s got a bit of experience.

(You can read more about that here.)

In other news, everyone and their mama’s movies have received new release dates.

Let me explain, my friends.

But in all seriousness, approximately five movies got their release dates moved this week, with the exception of Crimson Peak (which received a release date for the first time). I will proceed to list them off below:

– The Monuments Men: Moved from (sometime in) December to February 7th, 2014.

– RoboCop: Moved from February 7th, 2014 to February 12th, 2014 (presumably to get away from The Lego Movie and the recently moved The Monuments Men).
American Hustle: Moved from Christmas Day 2014 to December 13th, 2014.
– Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: Moved from Christmas Day 2014 to January 17th, 2014.
– Crimson Peak: Sometime April 2015.

(You can read more about that here and here.)

Will Smith has been semi-busy lately with films like Selling Time and possibly Independence Day 2.

That’s right.

We still have no f*cking idea whether or not Will Smith will be officially joining Independence Day 2.

Much like us , Will is not amused.

Moving on, though Will Smith is still circling the Independence Day 2 project, he is apparently in talks for a new film called Selling Time. Apparently, the film is supposed to be a supernatural thriller. To be honest, anything that has Will Smith attached to it usually garners some attention from me (accept After Earth. F*ck anything with M. Night Shyamalan‘s name on it); so I’ll keep my eye it.

(You can read more about that here and here.)

On this week’s helping of Star Wars: Episode VII news (see: rumors), Micheal Arndt has vacated the project, leaving J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan to work on the script.

Yup. This pretty much sums up my reaction.

So, seeing as Arndt previously penned the Toy Story 3 script, I am not sure whether or not leaving scriptorial duties to Abrams and Kasdan is a good or bad thing. We’ll see as time goes on.

(You can read more about that here.)

Moving on, Anchorman 2 has received a new poster that showcases Ron Burgundy and company.

As a bonus, they look big as f*ck while they stand smack dab in the middle of some place in New York; so that’s pretty interesting. You can check out the poster below:

(You can read more about that here.)

Thor 2’s Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is still very much interested in Black Panther movie (which Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige confirmed was in active development very recently).

Hmm. Not a bad choice. Not a bad choice at all.

Granted, Agbaje is already part of the MCU at this point (he’s playing Alrgrim/Kurse; you can check him out here), but who says who couldn’t play another role? He’ll be in heavy makeup/costume for a majority of the film; so I honestly see no reason why he couldn’t do it. Also, he’d be a phenomenal choice, especially since Djimon Hounsou may be getting a little to old for the role (to my utmost sadness).

It’s okay, Djimon. I still love you.

(You can read more about that here.)

Anyways, Katy Perry wants to take up the role of Lydia (previously played by Winona Ryder) in Beetlejuice 2.


This is apparently a thing.


Moving on, I’m not entirely sure how serious Perry is about wanting to assume the role, but I guess I won’t knock her just yet. She’s done well in stints on How I Met Your Mother and Raising Hope. Whether or not such budding talent will transfer to the big screen is another discussion entirely.


(You can read more about that here.)

And to conclude this weeks MNFATW, I’m happy to announce that not only will the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer be debuting next week on October 29th, 2014, but the powers that be behind the film recently revealed a very short teaser and over ten photos highlighting different characters in the film.


I gotta say, it’s great being a comic book fan these days. Not only has the genre launched a takeover of the box office, but they’re continuing to maintain a steady hold over television right now, especially with shows like Arrow.

However, this does not include Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I have a sh*t ton of problems with that show.

Seriously. F*ck that show.

Anyways, many of us are aware of the fact that Thor: The Dark World will be hitting theaters (well, US theaters) in exactly two weeks on November 8th. However, such Marvel-related news does not stop there. X-Men: Days of Future Past (though they are owned by Fox) released a new teaser yesterday, along with new photos of certain characters (and also announced their trailer’s release date). Such a reveal comes in light of the fact that the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer debuted yesterday.

And if I may comment on the Captain America trailer, let me just tell you that that sh*t was AWESOME.

Excuse me while I proceed to fangirl the f*ck out.

Moving on, I’m super pumped for all three aforementioned movies and I hope most of you are too. You can go ahead and check out all the goods below:

Also, as a bonus, here’s the Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer if you haven’t already seen it:


(You can read more about that here.)

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