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Breast Cancer Month Special: Fashion Finds For A Cause


As proof that I am still alive and not lying in a ditch somewhere-even though I have been M.I.A., school it does that to you- I wanted to give you guys an “I am not missing, do not alert the authorities” and “My bad” post, so enjoy.

Since it is the last day of breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have not posted a fashion post in a while here is one that pulls double duty.

I was walking down the street (pretty much not up to par) to get some tea from the local coffee shop, cause that’s what normal people do. And random coffee shop lady saw my shirt while I was pretty much mooching WiFi (it was for a good reason this time) and she happened to see my shirt and I thought she was going to saw something totally out there about how busted I looked but instead she asked where I got it. I told her and explained that it was pretty much my lounge around/laundry day/ going to pilates/”utility” shirt and that I had others like it. Turns out that her mother was a breast cancer survivor and she joked that all of the cure shirts she say her mom wear were “not where they were supposed to be”. And that was pretty much the case a few years ago.

But now, it has become a lot easier to support a legitimate cause and look good at the same time.

The place I bought my gear from was shopkomen.com (and I am in no way a spokesperson or affiliated with the foundation) and decided to show you guys a little of what they have to offer-of which I own a large portion of, my favorites being their active gear.


image(s): shopkomen.com, chicrunner.com

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