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“Once Upon A Time” Excitement: The Little Mermaid Makes Her Splashing Debut Tonight


“Splashing,” get it? Because she’s a mermaid.

(* Please excuse any overall strangeness or lameness that may come your way as you go through this post. Awkward Childhood memories do that to me.*)

Ariel will get her OUAT debut tonight, Sunday, Nov. 3, and it makes me giddy with some real childish excitement. In my mind it was a long time coming when you think about all of the other characters that have been introduced (in real person-non-animation form), I mean we got pretty much got Snow White, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Cinderella, I was beginning to think ABC was prejudiced against fish and under sea creatures or something.

Boy am I glad to know that is not the case!

A recent interview between E! News and JoAnna Garcia (who will be playing the iconic mermaid) the new addition to the OUAT roster shares some interesting tid-bits about tonight’s episode and about the character herself.

the little mermaid“It was everything that I could have hoped for!” she exclaims. “I’m a huge fan of the show and I have been since the beginning and I just feel like it’s really been a blast and it has not disappointed. To be able to play a Disney princess, it just really doesn’t happen too often in real life.” Um, isn’t that pretty much every girl’s dream?!

In Sunday’s outing, fans will quickly see that OUAT‘s Ariel truly honors the little mermaid that we’ve all come to know and love, as the actress explains, “I imagine her to be incredibly true to who Ariel was, I just think she has a little extra spunk. Anything withOnce Upon a Time there has that cloud of mystery and magic and I think she fits in very well with the show and the tone of the series. There is still so much of that beloved Ariel that is just so sweet and eager, optimistic and romantic. I just love everything about her.”

And of course with every Disney princess, there is always a handsome prince nearby. Garcia happily tells us that Ariel is head over tail for Prince Eric (Gil McKinney), and so will do practically anything to be his girl. She says, “Eric is everything to Ariel and I think that there is no limit to how far she will go to be with him. She would pretty much do anything if you dangle him in front of her.” Oh yes, she’s definitely hooked. (Ugh, so sorry. We know that pun was bad but we just couldn’t help it.)

When asked if viewers will get to see a dinglehopper (a fork to us humans), Garcia replied enthusiastically about it.

“You do see a dinglehopper!” Garcia laughs. “I don’t know that I can tell you how it plays into it, but just know that this version of Ariel finds a dinglehopper to be equally as fascinating as the animated version did. And a little bit more useful—I don’t just brush my hair with it!”

And another tid-bit learned from the E! interview with Garcia:

In this Sunday’s all-new episode, fans will be introduced to the fin-tastic new character when she saves our dear friend Snow (Ginnfer Goodwin) from a near-death experience. (She sure does seem have to have a lot of those, huh?) And here’s a little fairytale fun-fact for you: Did you know that mermaids can swim in between realms? That’s right! In addition to seeing our Ariel in flashback form, we will also be graced with her fiery presence in Neverland as a part of the quest to save Henry.

Hell, I’m hooked (I know, I know, I used the same ultra lame pun as E! but at this point I don’t care in you were warned) and will be DVR-ing the episode.

Will you be watching? Who is you favorite character on OUAT? And who is you fav princess (despite who manly everyone says they are there is always one)? Comment below. 

image(s): Disney, ABC/Jack Rowand, Disney, JOE SCHILDHORN/PatrickMcMullan.com

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