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Justin Bieber’s “Bad Day” Hits the Net

Music Mondays continues as Justin Bieber releases a brand new track, “Bad Day”. Bieber shows off his vocal ability going in and out of falsetto throughout the emotional new song.

The song is following the theme of most of his other tracks as he is expressing the pains of a love lost. The young star is evidently still in some sort of turmoil over his broken relationship with Selena Gomez. He expresses that even though he knows he was wrong, he still wasn’t expecting the relationship to come to an end. The hot new track was accompanied by the following words:

“There are times in relationships where things aren’t going well, where you know something isn’t right. But when you’re in love, you feel like no matter what, you’ll make it work…until the day comes where the other person doesn’t feel the same way and walks out. That day – the day where everything you were willing to fight for is gone – is what Bad Day is all about.”

His fans are working diligently to get “Bad Day” to number 1, so that Bieber will release a clip from his upcoming film, Believe 3D. “Recovery” failed to reach number 1 last week, and though he didn’t release a new clip from his film he did make his fans happy by posting a video of himself, along with friends, dancers, crew members, and his adorable little brother, goofing off and dancing to “Push It” by hiphop duo Salt N’ Pepper.

You can listen to “Bad Day” and watch the “Push It” clip below.


Image(s): instagram.com/justinbieber

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