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‘American Horror Story’ Renewed For A Fourth Season

American Horror Story fans rejoice!

Seriously! Get excited. Well-deserved renewals should be a cause of excitement!

Though the critically-acclaimed show is only four episodes into all the voodoo/witchcraft madness of its third season (also known as Coven), FX decided to gift the series (and fans) with a fourth season that will return next year (2014) for 13 more episodes.

While this is very good news for Coven fans, I am still slightly curious as to where the next season will be taking place in terms of setting. I am also bit interested in what the fourth season will be called. After wicked subtitles like Murder House (season 1), Asylum (season 2) and Coven (season 3), the pressure’s on Ryan Murphy and company to deliver on a compelling subtitle as well as a compelling story-line for season 4.

No pressure, of course…

However, FX has most definitely has confidence in Murphy, as the FX CEO John Landgraf (I totally read that as Landgraab. Add that to #Simsplayerproblems) had this to say about the matter:

Put simply, Ryan Murphy is a master television producer. Time and time again he reinvents the form. What he, co-creator Brad Falchuk and their producers Dante Di Loreto, Tim Minear, Jennifer Salt, James Wong, Brad Buecker, Jessica Sharzer, Douglas Petrie, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, Alexis Martin Woodall and the entire production team and cast responsible for the ‘American Horror Story’ franchise have done is nothing short of extraordinary. Every year, they create a riveting and brilliant new miniseries. ‘AHS: Coven’ is the best yet, and I have no doubt that the next installment will be even better.”

Landgraf has a point. Coven is presently American Horror Story’s most successful season. This season alone has managed to rake in an impressive average of 7.74 million viewers and will be wrapping itself up on January 29, 2014. After that, fans should expect the show to return in the fall with a handful of the series’ stars including people like Jessica Lange.

Well, what do you say, AHS fans? Are you pumped or are you pumped? Let us know in the comments below!

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