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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Update: New Photos Unveiled; Trailer To Be Released on Saturday

First, please allow me to do this:



Moving on, even though BBC and evil mastermind Steven Moffat have been driving Whovians absolutely bonkers will all the secrecy that surrounded the upcoming special, fans can now rejoice at the fact that the official trailer is finally on the way!

Recently, BBC confirmed that the aforementioned trailer will be gracing Whovians with its mere existence on Saturday, November 9. The trailer is set to air on BBC One right before 8:00 pm.


This news…it’s so beautiful.

And that’s not all. The benevolent Mirror recently managed to score three new promo photos for the special. Such photos included the likes of fan favorites David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor) and Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor), as well as newcomer Joanna Page (who will be playing Queen Elizabeth).

You can check out the photos below:

BBC will also be releasing two mini-sodes, which will be leading up to the main event. The mini-sodes are titled “The Last Day” (with a running time of 3:57) and “The Night of the Doctor” (with a running time of 6:54) respectively. Other than that, not much else is known about the aforementioned mini-sodes, other than the fact that one of them may be premiering on November 15 (during the annual Children in Need telethon).

Also, as a bonus, you can check out the really neat teaser trailer that hit the web last week below:


(The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will be arriving on November 23, 2013.)

Source: Screen Crush, Mirror, 

Images From: www.maizenbluenation.com, Gifsforum.com, BBC, Thewrap.com

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