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Fashion Trend: Attack Of The Pixie Cuts

pixie-hair-celebsSome of our favorite leading ladies have stepped out with new haircuts, debuting different versions of short styles, bombshell bangs and close-cropped cuts. Here’s a quick rundown of all the recent changes:

Pixie Clique: Jennifer Lawrence debuted a pixie featuring her signature sideswept bangs. Meanwhile, blonds Pamela Anderson and Kristen Chenoweth went for closer cropped cuts. And Jennifer Hudson revealed a short and sweet ‘do at the Black Girls Rock! event in New Jersey.

Bob Beauties: Natalie Portman took to the red carpet for the Thor: The Dark World premiere with her bob darkened to a rich brunette hue. Bryce Dallas Howard also showcased a chestnut bob (with super trendy blunt bangs) in September. Jennifer Aniston went for an assymetrical look, sporting a shorter style while out and about in Los Angeles.

Shaved Maven: Jada Pinkett Smith (my sister’s namesake is also campaigning for the same haircut. The catch? She’s nine.) is one of many celebs to try out the sheared look, but upped the ante by shaving both sides of her head—showcasing the daring ‘do at an event in Beverly Hills on Nov. 5. 

But for the sake of the title and time, we shall narrow it down solely to the short, fun, and overall awesome pixie. From that statement alone, you can probably deduce that I am a proud wearer and have been for almost two years, except I rock mine with an experimental/short and symbolic (to me) Padawan learners braid-Whoo! Star Wars- to make me feel slightly different on campus. Imagine my face when every celeb in Hollywood (beside Halle Berry was doing it). Where the hell was I was I when this was decided as the next new thing? I was probably in the same place I was when random midnight junk shots were voted in…Starbucks.

“When f*ck did this happen?”

My reaction to both.

Anyway enough about me.

Hollywood’s hot for the increasingly popular pixie cut with celeb after celeb stepping up to their salon’s chopping block to say so long to long strands.

If the former long hair devotee’s newfound love of the cropped cut isn’t an indication that the short ‘do is having a moment, need we remind you of the stir Beyoncé created when she took to Instagram to show off her chopped tresses?

Now it seems like everybody’s doing it…and a part of me can’t stand it.

The theme to the entirety of my life. The large thingy crushing her is the soul crushing reality (or it just may be the spirit of my father) that says “F*ck your feelings”

As someone with the cut, the point is to embrace the uniqueness you have as an individual (at least that was how I felt). After seeing this I am so going back to longer hair (at least until the trend dies out…i.e. Miley isn’t doing anymore).

As edgy and trendy as it is now it’s a bold beauty move that requires some serious thinking. Before doing it take into account your face shape, your hair texture and whether or not you are in love with your facial features that’s only going to stand out more once you do the cut. If you have a large forehead and it makes you self-conscious, the pixie is only going to accentuate it and show it off more. In my mind a pixie is like a reality show, there is no hiding and everything horrible can and will be shown.

Sound off!

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