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The Spidey Files: New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Trailer and Teaser Poster


“Every day I wake up knowing, that the more people I try to save, the more enemies I will make,” the 30-year-old English actor, Andrew Garfield says in a voiceover. “And it’s just a matter of time, before I face those with more power, than I can overcome,” he adds. A series of clips show the Marvel Comics character swooping and slinging his webs, while sporting his trademark red and blue suit.

The first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, starring Garfield and Emma Stone, made its highly anticipated debut on Thursday, Dec. 5.

Spidey’s back in action in a new nearly three minute trailer that was released jut yesterday. The teaser is beyond action packed, featuring scenes of Peter Parker whooshing around, dodging a bunch of baddies and sharing some sweet moments with his ladylove, Gwen Stacy played by Stone.

With the help of a teaser poster released by Sony Pictures that features not one, but three villains, we get a good look at the bad guys Electro-of course-, the Rhino and the Green Goblin. All of which appearances are leaning toward their Ultimate counterparts, which is good considering the fact that I highly doubt that anybody would want to watch a movie that features a man running around in a green skin-tight suit with a star on his head being chased by another guy in a skin-tight outfit.


The world isn’t ready!

The set up would be all wrong.

Even though you have zoom in like a hundred times, squint a little and then tilt your head sideways a bit you can sort of see what each villain is about. Let’s start from right to left…The Rhino looks like a tricked out Transformer, not exactly sure how Paul Giamatti deals with that in the film. The new Goblin looks like Dane DeHaan in a wig, which seems reasonable since he plays Harry Osbourne, childhood friend of Peter and successor of his father, Norman Osbourne‘s company, Oscorp. And Electro…looks like Jaime Foxx in a hoodie doing things…I guess…

I know what you’re thinking — Three villains, it’s “Spider-Man 3” all over again.

It’s no secret fans weren’t pleased with the seemingly overstuffed abundance of villains in Sam Raimi’s 2007 flick starring Tobey Maguire which had Spider-Man facing off against the Sandman, Venom, AND the Green Goblin. Hell, I was disappointed as I firmly believe Spider-Man 2  was one of the best super hero films ever made (definitely makes the top 10 list) and Alfred Molina’s portrayal of the infamous Doctor Octopus made the entire movie. The entire third film was a discredit to the previous one and left me wanting to give Raimi the side eye ever since.

However, it looks like this is a slow introduction to Spidey’s main villain group, the Sinister Six — something I’ve always figured (and was getting giddy for) since the first film. 

The group is comprised of members who have ranged from Electro, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, and Kraven the Hunter to appearances by Mysterio, Venom, and Vulture, and the Lizard (who was in “The Amazing Spider-Man”). At times, the group has been headed by Norman Osborn who was briefly hinted at during the end of the first film.

Now, let’s talk trailer.

The biggest thing that can be taken away from the trailer is that Oscorp is the root all evils (with the exception of Spider-Man himself) as all of the villains have that one thing in common. The other, arguably, is that Spidey will inevitably have his sh*t kicked in from the random onslaught and emergences of evil dudes.

There is a point in the trailer where DeHaan, is walking in what seems to be the secret bowels-that’s right I said it- of Oscorp and there are a number of doors numbered 1 through 7. And the appearance of not just Doctor Octopuses wings on display, but the Vultures wings as well.

Sony also released an updated synopsis for the film highlighting the entry of character Harry Osborn:

We’ve always known that Spider-Man’s most important battle has been within himself: the struggle between the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. But in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker finds that a greater conflict lies ahead.

It’s great to be Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield). For Peter Parker, there’s no feeling quite like swinging between skyscrapers, embracing being the hero, and spending time with Gwen (Emma Stone). But being Spider-Man comes at a price: only Spider-Man can protect his fellow New Yorkers from the formidable villains that threaten the city. With the emergence of Electro (Jamie Foxx), Peter must confront a foe far more powerful than he. And as his old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, Peter comes to realize that all of his enemies have one thing in common: OsCorp.

Once again, evidence that Oscorp equals evil. I vote we blow it up and move on.


Now as a special treat I have compiled a list of the things I have learned so far…

  1. Uncle Ben died for organic milk (who drinks this stuff enough to okay dying for it?), which brings to…
  2. The guy that un-alived Ben was Thor’s non-buff cousin that just happens to live on Earth.
  3. Guys that sell organic milk in questionable corner stores are ass-holes.
  4. When you go around in a ski mask and reflective glasses using synthetic webbing in public, no one questions anything, especially not in New York.
  5. I felt inexplicable anger after finding out who was cast as Mary Jane Watson, a character of which I already didn’t like.
  6. Despite knowing how things end for Gwen Stacy in the comics, I really wish she would stick around for the entire film series. I mean, can’t we just put a wig on Emma Stone and let her be MJ too?
  7. Never trust anyone who works for Oscorp or is related to it in any way, shape, or form.
  8. Oscorp is the root all evils.
  9. Spider-Man always gets his sh*t kicked…always.
  10. Spider-Man’s “W’s” are flukes. He usually wins either throught the villains sacrfice or error, which usually kills them or neutralizes them making all of his wins no fault of his own.

But Spider-Man still manages to be awesome!

The flick hits theaters on May 2, 2014.

Now that we have our first official look at our favorite webslinger, are you excited to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2?! Sound off in the comments!

image(s): Niko Tavernise/Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures

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