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Shia LaBeouf Admits To Plagiarism

As if there were not enough reasons to hate this guy.



Think happy thoughts, Lex.

Anyways, while most people know that plagiarism is a major no-no, especially as it concerns individuals in the arts, Shia LaBeouf apparently didn’t get the memo. Recently, LaBeouf unveiled a short film that he filmed online and was presumably shocked when the whole of the internet jumped on him for his alleged plagiarism.

While it was mostly only speculation at first, it was eventually revealed that LaBeouf had, beyond any doubt, ripped off a lot of material from Daniel Clowe’s ‘Justin M. Damiano’ (which was originally a comic). The offense is undeniable in that an exceeding amount of dialogue and shots were lifted straight from the aforementioned material.

Translation: Shia LaBeouf didn’t even attempt to hide his f*ck up.

And that in itself shouldn’t be all that surprising since plagarism is most definitely a tell-tale sign of laziness.

And a lazy one at that.

One has to wonder why LaBeouf didn’t simply ask Clowes for permission or just buy the damned rights. Did the thought of giving the original author, Clowes, his due credit scare him that much?

I mean, seriously.

It’s this type of sh*t that gives writers and other type of artists that ever-present, crippling fear of getting their work stolen.


Moving on, LaBeouf released an apology yesterday for the offense via Twitter. However, as Gawker and Screen Crush pointed out, LaBeouf couldn’t resist the urge to plagiarize even part of his apology. I think this guy has a problem:


Oh, you f*cked up, Shia?

Well, that’s an understatement.


Source: Screen Crush, Gawker, Twitter
Images From: Writingkills.me, Gifsoup.com, Wifflegif.com,

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